Declared by a team isn’t in our league


We got declared last night 5 min before war started for a team that was in our previous league. How in the world is that possible? Then the support said that they can’t cancel the war :triumph: that they already know about this but can’t do anything, really? What is wrong with this people.
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The officer didnt refresh :laughing: n declared before refreshing


Ur still in same league with teams till u refresh the account sadly its a glitch pg just needs to put out that new content when league swaps


Well this is something is costing rank points and if they already know about this for a while why is not solved yet. :man_facepalming:t2:


The team shuffles normally happen 3-4 hours before war starts. Looks like someone’s exploiting a glitch. :thinking:


I really don’t care if they are exploiting it or what that should be PG concern not ours. I just need my rank points back and all the hammers and rss we have to spent in order to try to win. Totally unfair.

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Ya’ll lost already? :flushed:

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It happens u cam even talk in that league if u dont refresh it happens all depends on what pg will do about it


Not exploiting if u thought it was switched lolnot everyone knows if ur on at time of change to refresh to get to your own league pg did not send that out which is also on them and no it wasnt our team that declared


Wow. Dedicated player. I can’t leave my device on the game that long without closing it at least once.


Haha ik someone that just chilled in the league n talked but if the team lost here it would be same as declaring war before change so whats the diff if was after


We’ve got people looking into what has happened here. Sadly, I’m not sure that anything can be done before the war ends.


Ya’ll can’t manually give them back their team points? :eyes:


im been in a different league it all depend on if your online for the swap if the game dont get refreshed ull still be in that league until your app gets refreshed and it seems a officer or leader stayed behind and hit the declare button


Yeah that’s happened to teams I was on before. Before the league’s swap people out to different league of a war was declared before then it’s still a legit war unfortunately.


so it does not matter… even if they were in the same league as u this time again… they could declare on u and win. either way, u stated ur self that your team can not win against them. so just take the loss either way.

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