Decoys counting as defence points?


@PGJared we have at least one teammate who has done war already and participates in “decoy” attacks, yet when defenders are suckered to his attack, it counts as a defence point for their team! He has put in a ticket for it already, but I’m posting it on here to see if any other teams are experiencing this? It was rather painful to figure this out.


If the two teams are warring and they beat the decoy, it will always be a defend for the other team, he is attacking from war screen so it’s a war attack regardless


That’s not true, if he’s already completed his war with 5 flames. The rest of the attacks are then green banners from that person.


completed or not, you are given a warning something like “You won’t be able to contribute to your team as you are already done attacking. Continue?”

The attack still counts as a war attack, it’s just that the contribution of flame points is now disabled.


Again, that isn’t true, bc there was more than 1 decoy run, 5-6, and 2 real attacks, the decoys were all defended, and only 1 of the real attacks were defended and there were 2 defend points. 1 more than their should be, and 4 less than if all war attacks counted post run completion.


where did they attack? the war menu or the team menu under team meeting hall? because from what I know they have different types of attack and if you did attack using the war menu (the skull icon) then it will count as a war attack and give defense point if someone defends that base even for 2 seconds.


He’s attacking open targets then…


Again, this is not true, seriously if you don’t know something, please don’t present it as true. War attacks still count if you attack outside of the war screen, Rulith and many other teams attack from the team screen to see who’s online or not.
Additionally, I repeatedly attacked their team before posting this and always got defenders and I didn’t get a defence point for their team.


I think that must be it. Thanks


Screen doesn’t matter. Did you attack targets already 5 flamed or no? My experience has shown attacking an open target regardless of attackers current contribution counts if defended.


NVm, just saw your repsonse. Anytime


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