Decrease Xp needed for lineage dragons

Imo it would be great if the Xp needed to level up a dragon was decreased. Leveling up dragons, especially lineage dragons, are extremely boring and repetitive and they don’t serve much of a purpose except breeding (not including the dragons at the final few tiers). It takes a good bit of to level up a legendary dragon just at gold tier and I feel like we shouldn’t need to spend that much time just mindlessly flying dragons just for breeding. Decreasing the amount of Xp needed to level up a dragon would speed up progression and make the game a bit more enjoyable in many ways.

What do you all think?




Unless you mean different discount

It gets easier the higher level you reach.
So in a way, it gets easier😇
A single run in my level 430 gets my bird 2 million xp points😋 (including rider bonus)
So, if you have an elite account, that makes it way easier.
So in a way, don’t worry, it’s not s big problem.


Until a level 39 Empyrean Mythic requires 227.34 million X P to level…
Then it sucks and turns into mind numbing labor.


Huh, didn’t realize this was a thing. Guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I still feel like it should take a little less time to get a dragon breedable. Or maybe I’m just extremely impatient. 🤷


At least you get to fly a fun and good dragon, right?

Your tomorrow’s are my yesterday’s in this game. Some aspects suck just at a different level. At least you get a discount. Take the good with the bad until we get over the fear of those damn falling pieces of candy in Candy Crush.

After Platinum it gets much easier. Green through platinum sucks to level up


I enjoy leveling dragons. Gives me an excuse to do my gold runs. :yum:

It does get easier though. If I have a busy breeding event I can usually get a dragon breedable in a couple hours.


I feel like leveling up dragons should get gradually harder instead of easy to hard to easy and then to hard. Leveling up dragons at gold tier is more boring than sitting in a plain room with absolutely nothing and being able to do absolutely nothing.

I’ve experted every dragon in the game while I’ve been in said tier (or tier above to backbreed).

I’ve actually had fun with it 🤷


I have most expert. Few holes here and there, mostly because I didn’t get all the stones. Maybe someday they will let us get old…



:joy::joy::joy: Good thing you are. I have a pre-prepared reply about that ready and waiting if you hadn’t been joking :eyes:


I’m mainly worried about over leveling which isn’t too much of a problem because I have some good divines, but I don’t really like doing Xp runs and I kind of need to force myself to do it (cough cough Xp event could really help with that cough cough) but, eh.

P.s. I really want to have an Xp event again because we something to replace feeding that isn’t a PvP because, well, they’re kinda boring IMO.

What is this over leveling of which you speak?

Not sure how to explain it, but it’s being a higher level than you should be at compared to your tier and you’re unable or having trouble winning attacks with dragons at said tier.

Green was painful for sure without Atlas. Some XP adjustments need to be made.

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