Default Primarch selection


Since the update, every single time I go back into the Atlas, it auto selects precisely the Primarch that WASN’T previously selected. The default should absolutely be the last Primarch used — nothing else makes even remote sennse. To switch primarchs involuntarily every time you enter the map is totally backwards, and it will lead to more accidental route orders than ever before (and it wasn’t great before either, in this regard).

And on an adjacent issue: it is much harder to see both of the primarch icons onscreen at once now, and once you manage to make the second one appear by dragging around on the map, it’s still hard to find it and select it after you tap on it, because now it takes you to the region where the Primarch is, but then it disappears and you have to search for your green on-map icon in order to select it (which can be a pain because often they’re stacked on top of poachers or obscured by the circling ships of other players on poachers or primarchs parked at an adjacent island), and then you still have to pull up the pop-up for it and hit select. (I know that you can select your Primarch in the bottom-of-the-screen tab, but as long as the icons are there, they may as well work, right?)

And one last thing: this forum is still way too hard to type in, and edit, and it’s too difficult to see what you’re typing. Moving your cursor shouldn’t be such a nightmare. It’s prohibitively slow like this.


Agree with all of this about the primarch UI, not sure why we got a step back this update? If the primarch icons could have functioned the same as before this update, just increased in size and been coded to not hide behind the home icon or the other primarch(s) icon(s), it would have been great.


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