Defence advice I’m lvl 69 I have all the towers unlocked

Hi everyone what is the best defence to have on your kill island and the long one after that ?

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Don’t worry about switching to a long kill island any time soon, that’s typically much later in the game.

For a short kill island:
Dark flak, ice flak, red mage, blue mage, storm/earth flak
Dark flak, ice flak, red mage, storm/earth flak, fire flak

Those two options are the most traditional and most common for short kill islands, but feel free to experiment with other combos, notably with the orrery or drakul pylon.

It’s your base so it’s your choice, but those are just some recommendations.

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Free to play vs earn to play vs pay to play will factor a lot in towards this what type are you?


Huh? Isn’t E2P elite to play?


Doubt it was a typo. I assume they meant grinding
E2P does generally mean elite to play


Only have one flak on your base, already im noticing that my dark flak is taking a lot of embers then when i first built it, i am around lvl 110. I have: Dark flak, red and blue mage, storm tower and ice turret. The ice turret is actually amazing on my base, it ads health to your towers and if the attacker is not careful, the ice turret can do insane damage.


well Ice Turret is still a viable turret in combo with any other Invincibility tower ( orrey-earth flak- storm) , even nowdays, since it will boost Invicibility towers HP and its a beam damage.

Generally u want a shield tower ( earth flak , orrey , storm ) , a tower that break shields or stop spells ( Howizter , Ice Flak ) and a damage dealer tower ( dark flak or fire flak mostly ) , plus Mage towers.
U can even start to build directly on long island so u will not have to move runes ,saving rubies. Anyway, for now focus on 5 towers using the previous rules :wink:

Another thing, I fly Sekhet and he does extremely well on defended bases. (if flown well) but there is one set up that kills me every single time. Having an orrery on the back middle of a long island and then having the howitzer on the very back. When i go through sekhets spell rotation, the shield doesn’t block the orrery;s shot so i get pulled forward and the timing is just right that i can’t do anything but watch as the howi shot hits my dragon.
On the topic of your base, when you are higher lvl and has more rss you can build a 6th tower, which i would recommend to be a howi and have a low lvl orrery/ other towers to fill up the other four towers on a long base.

Use the one shot spell on middle orrey while freezing the front 5.
try this @AvionTheDragon
keep in mind that the instant freeze casted on Already frozen towers will NOT reset the freeze effect, you have to wait the end of the 1st cast. ( this is applied for all the instant freeze spells ) .

This, got busy at work


That’s why I asked if spending vs not spending etc. Preferably I’d have a how orrery dark flak earth flak ice flak and fire flak within the base but unless you’re spending at that level you can’t sustain it and will still be a bit of a challenge when bigger on a competitive high achieving team

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I would suggest moving to a long island setup but still only concentrate on 5 (maybe 6) main towers.
Short bases are much easier to kill typically (I find) with limited towers to kill the drag as well as protect those towers. You sacrifice either a mage or damage tower on a 5-tower kill.
The others can be level 1 on the back half- a L1 mage has the same effect as a maxxed one,for example, but of course won’t last as long.
a howy is mandatory imo and certainly either earth flak or orrery is if you can manage the rss for it. Howy can go on the back 5. Orrery can also go on the back 5 (at the front ) which tends to have good results (Can be left at L1 if you don’t have the rss )
Ice flak is great too.
Once you start getting into the 300s (?) you need to start levelling more than 5 towers to keep your kill towers maxxed.
I would suggest the middle Long Island only because of the extra 5 rune/glyphs that can be used as opposed to the island closest to your base which only has room for 5 on the whole 10-tower monument coverage .
I’m only elite to play and manage my rss well. I don’t have a problem managing 4 flaks an orrery and howy but that’s maybe my hoarding play style :grin:

I would suggest 1/2 for atlas

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I knew someone would say that :rofl:
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Then it comes to the time when u use a sieger and someone quit on u at 60% with sieger

Congratulations on unlocking all of the towers! You are now to the point where you want to be more attentive to how the individual towers function, how they function en masse (altogether, in a group), and how they benefit your base. With every tower unlocked, there are no constraints on how you can utilize each tower’s unique abilities to (possibly) prevail in battles against your adversaries. Below are a couple of tips and tower-arrangement recommendations for you to take note of:


  • Keep a shorter base. You’re still fairly low for a longer island, much less to be focusing on an entire arsenal of 10 or more towers. Maintaining that amount of towers at such a low level can prove to be quite a challenge, so it is best to keep it short and simple until later on when you have more flexibility in your resources. Persisting to upgrade a group of towers en masse would entail consistent resource depletion; it would be difficult to keep up, and you would not be having a very pleasant experience.

  • Be cognizant of the XP deficits during merging and transforming; carefully read the warning numbers that indicate how much XP you will have to make up; do so before you complete the action! Going into the merging/transforming features and impetuously clicking towers without paying full attention to the warning numbers could have disastrous effects on your XP, and you could end up in a catch-22 situation where you have to make up hundreds of thousands to even millions of it to continue leveling; merely by clicking a few buttons. Do not let this deter you from the feature, though; it has just as many pros as it does cons, all on which I will not go into detail. Just be wary of how it works before tampering with it.


  • Again, I would recommend you to take the short-island approach until you get to a higher level range in which you feel you can maintain additional towers. I would recommend that island to comprise a protective shielding tower (i.e. earth flak or storm tower—they’re interchangeable, but the storm tower would be better for your level if you plan on building other flaks; and if so, keep your flaks at a minimal amount for easier resource conservation), a high-damage tower (such as a dark flak), an ice flak for spell cancellation, and one of each mage tower for rage drainage and spell protection. This setup would help you a lot, both presently and later on if you choose to expand.

I hope this was able to help you out in even the slightest way :grin:

Yay fresh blood :grin:

With the newer towers (howie/pylon/orrery) all having a longer range, I would really recommend moving to a long island setup. Even if they are lower level than your other towers you will still be able to make use of their damage and abilities.

But focus on levelling as few towers as possible (typically 5 or 6, maybe 7 max if you need the extra levels for the next breeding tier).

In terms of towers: red mage, blue mage, dark flak, storm/earth flak/orrery, ice flak is a really solid layout for your front 5. If you’re less concerned with active defending then you can probably replace the ice flak with a fire flak (I believe it has more damage but less utility).

Start with something along these lines, and as you progress you will see what is working and not working, and can experiment with different setups.

Message me in game. There’s an in game support chat for new players. I’ll add you if you want help with your base.


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