Defence boosts?


How is defending so strong these days that a 800 million attack power dragons with a good flyer is killed or unable 5 flame a 50 million defensive base?
I’m sure the trolls shall now begin. But it seems like some teams have some oddly stronger defense boosts than others.

Has anyone else experienced this?
I did a search and couldn’t find any existing threads on this. Sorry if this is a repeat.


Super hammers is a known hack - wouldn’t be too surprised if the boosts also got jacked up.


It’s honestly unbelievable. I defend and spam defence boosts as fast as I can. But never stop a Harb dragon on a base that much lower :unamused:


It can be done with the right flak combo and lots of hammers.

Between dark flak stun, fire flak damage reduce, ice flak spell block you can find yourself taking a lot of damage waiting for it to come back if they have a short base and high towers.

Also keep in mind the numbers on the profile are both not instantly updated and buggy as hell.


defence point doesnt show gear boost I think
a base with 100M point could just jumb up to 400M point


It’s just my theory, but it seems to me that the profile stats show BASE attack and defense with no riders, research, or boosts. On the attack screen the DP usually shows up higher, which I believe is because boosts have been taken into account. If it’s true that the defensive rider is not factored in to the number you see, there’s potentially a big part of it, as people frequently have more than a 50% boost from that. My base is only about 50m boosted and I have been able to down Obsidion tier dragons when defending.


It seems that the only thing that matters is TOWER level (and boosts/riders). Ignore stats and base level. I’m sure hacks and cheats exist, but this seems too common to be hacking. I’ve seen obsidian divine dragons dropped by level 150 bases…maybe it’s hacking, maybe it’s just one player having a faster internet connection and getting an unfair advantage. I’m also curious about this if other have more insight.

Honestly, I think the whole defense dynamic is flawed. It makes the game slow and glitchy, and seems to cause nothing but problems.

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I would MUCH rather simply have a “Defense Plan” for my base that allows me to mark which towers get SS during an attack…then let the computer defend and follow said plan. If EVERYBODY did this, and defense flames were done away with, the game would have far fewer issues. I understand that this would cause the problem of war ending in tie…but maybe just allow the first team to 250 flames to take the W?


Defense hack generally work only if there is an active defender.


Yeah, I assumed that it was a defended attack, or it’d be even more concerning :rofl:


Yes, the base was defended. But this base was nothing great. It was to long and still had a tower on the kill island under construction. No towers higher than 45.

It very well could be just a connection issue or something like that. But even if you take the defence showing 30M in profile and 50M on attack screen and say it’s not showing rider and whatnot… Ok so say the real defence is what 250M or 300M? To take out a dragon with a 800M attack on an island that only has 4 towers and the front three towers were netted …
I don’t honestly know, but just feel like those were super duper defense boosts.

Oh well, it is war dragons, there are so many things that don’t make since or just don’t work. I was just was curious if anyone else had felt the same way.


Yeah defense power doesnt seem to be indicated properly… I see my base as 250+M boosted, and my teamates sees me at lower then 100M… lol! Might not count boosts/rider/runes… idk


It’s known that some do and some don’t.

Specifically it is believed that one of the boosts doesn’t show to others. Cannot remember if it was attack or defense.

Unsure if research shows for others.


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