Defence for team member

I am still very new to Dragon Wars, am enjoying it very much but I have to say that the help in terms of game play is not very great.

I have assisted a few of my team members in defending their towers while being attacked and have subsequently used up all of my shields, hammers etc… the only thing that seems to ‘reboot’ is the charger (not sure if that is what you call it)…

Can someone pls help me as to how I can replenish my shield etc… to help defend my team?

I will greatly appreciate it😊

You forge them. You have a forger that can forge the defense items as well as timers and lots more

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  1. Forge
  2. Open chest during certain times. Check my drop list or @Morreion’s chest predictor (easier to use)
  3. Do a lot of monument run (do a run on high leveled base with ember, DG as many monument as possible, then quit)

You can also get more defensive items when you open bronze treasure chests (though you will need to open a LOT of treasure chests…)

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Welcome to the forums :hugs:

At low levels these items are very easy to run out of, so I was very conservative about using them, saving them almost exclusively for war defense, and only defenses where I thought they’d make a difference. I might also use them in feeding or fortification events if I know my mate is online and has a stash of wood or food at risk. It will take some time to build up a good supply. You can forge them, but you may prefer to forge healing potions or speed-ups at times.

It’s excellent that you’ve found the forums already. It has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Adding onto the recommendation of others, make sure your have Destructible Boats/Huts selected in Settings. They drop loads of stuff.

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