Defence Glitch? Mage Shots redundant? Not anything to do with Mystic Winds

So, for the last couple days when defending I keep receiving the same message “Mage effect avoided due to dragon Invincibility” I don’t understand this… Previously I thought it was because of a shield being up, but I didn’t see any shield! This happens on both rage drain islands and on normal Islands! Please can someone explain this? @PGCrisis @PGJaredS__8806482


Was the dragon kirin or zamrock?

Snowdrop, Kinnarus, EQ, Necryx so far

and now Sekhem Ill see if I can post a video

I have no clue what this is.

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Red mage shots do not drain rage or freeze them if the dragon employs Invincible Shield or Northern Lights. I haven’t seen it happen with any other blue spell and there’s no equivalent white shield…yet.

Explosive Shield and all of its Blue and White variants does not avoid the red mage shot.

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yeah but as you can see he doesn’t have those spells

I can’t see the entire screenshot but that very much looks like a shield spell there on Sekhem. It could also be delayed text from a previously employed spell, which happens frequently.

explosive shield from killing blue mage steal essence

Did the attacker use any spell at all when you got the message?

yeah, multiple different dragons used multiple different spells

Why dont you just video record those attacks on you, would be much easier for us to tell what happend?

What DrWho said.

Nobody can possibly troubleshoot from your completely generic “multiple different everything” comment.

I have recorded it, I cant post videos on here

after being hit they’ve cast spells like thunderbolt, cloak, elemental barrier, sanding

3 of the four mentioned are white spells which are immune to mages.
Thunderbolt and Desiccating Sand can be pre-cast without being fired and would not be stopped by a mage shot as the rage for the shot was already drawn.

If a dragon takes out the Blue Mage towers it can cloak before the Red Mage hits it.

No glitch, just some dragon flyers who know what they are doing.

Have tried having someone from lc fly one of the mentioned dragons over your base not using any spells

I can easily dodge Mage shots, it’s not hard… I know white spells aren’t affected by mage shots but after being hit by a volley of mage shots they should have 0 rage. Plus there was no blinking and Sorcs don’t have cloak

It’s upon defence, not just AI

Yeah defend have them fly face first into mages and they can tell you if it is not working.

I am assuming these are random attackers?