Defence points after quitting

Keep getting different answers to this. If you quit whilst defending in war do you still get a defence point or do you have to wait until the attack finishes to get the point?

once you are connected, the point is already given. At least wait 20 sec after connecting to be sure. After that, you decide if you want to actually defend or not.

As soon as you see the quit button, you can quit the defend and it’ll count.

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Sort of related. Do you get the loot from dropped dragons or do you need to stay until the end

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Good question I also wondered that as well

That I do not know. I know the dragons killed after you leave counts towers your shrine drag, but I have not tested the drops. I would venture to say you keep the drops that you do see in the battle, but there aren’t subsequent drops after you leave, but that’s only a guess. You would need to test it by documenting spell boost counts, defense, attack and base boosts, heal pots and rubies, then get people to die on your base, join and quit and see if anything changes.

Thanks for a possible solution. If I find the time and patience to do this I will let you know

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