Defence power of NMHrv

I saw defence power of nomercyhrv from NMO is 5.37 B , do dragons take down that base with defenders ?

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Not a problem if you’ve got Hauheset


Hauheset can really take that down? I know that dragon can do many things, but 5bil defense power… :t_rex:

Sorry, forgot to use the Sarcasm Font :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


He can, you just have to fly really well, as his base pretty much has a trick at every turn.

But more commonly, they probably use fom with nept/Aibrean to take it down.

Anyone from dread could weigh in.


He maxed it last night so unless they are warring right now i doubt they know… i doubt they would be using Aibrean though.

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They’d be more likely to use nept as a wing yes, but aib is still a good option to clean :man_shrugging:t3:

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Someone already soloed it with def)

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Which drag?

Can u post video , if u hv any ?

Still has a level 61 red mage is why.


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Not many people are going to be willing to post vids, bc it’s mostly shared between friends with a DON’T share message attached. Sharing those vids would get you cut off from future vids.



calm down its just a glitch. many more have great max bases and they are not at 5 billion. its just a glitch as usual. pg nonsense

What makes you think it is a glitch?


i’ve checked the top bases on wd who have all 63’s and its not at 5 bill. this is not possible anyway.

You do realize that gear buffs just went into effect right?

You can’t see what gear each of the perch riders has from the attack screen so the information you “gathered” isn’t the full scope


Harv is one of the highest spenders and LOVES atlas… if anyone is going to have 3 sets of maxed legendary gear it will be him…


Look on the video :point_up_2: