Defence Rider Tanok need lvl 30 perch for full effect

Why wasn’t Tanok added that you need a lvl 30 perch for his full effect? I call this false advertising as it wasn’t stated in the event. I want a full refund.


@PGJared please take tanok from the OP and make sure he/she can never claim it ever again…

Just gonna save this here:


Yea I submitted a ticket as well. There’s no information regarding you need a lvl 30 perch for the full effect

It’s advertised on your perch… it’s the same for all riders put in a perch.
Just be patient until you reach that level, you still have a buff from your rider.

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This is the first time I add a rider onto a dragon on the perch, since we never had a defence rider before unless your in Atlas. Nor was it stated before I add a rider that I require lvl 30 perch for full effect. My perch is at lvl 13, that’s a lot of black pearls off gold chests to reach 30

Yeah, it suck that you don’t get the max, but at level 13 you should get about 71% of the buff. Level 1 perch gets 50% of the buff.

Keep in mind, a rider is forever. I have so many divines that are irrelevant because I didn’t get all of their stones. I have 2 divines to Harbinger and 3 to Obsidian. I am not investing in divines this season, they don’t seem to excite me. I got the 125% egg token bonus, and the defensive rider. I will probably grab the seasonal drag if it is discounted, but otherwise I am saving for next season hoping the dragons are better.


Hear hear, I have quite limited sympathy for people who take zero effort to inform themselves about how the game works before they get something, but are suddenly quite capable of finding the forum if they want to throw a hissy fit.


I guess it’s because 30 is the last level prior to sapphire, the first tier with mythic dragon.
(They were generous by not making it 31 :grin:)

Please show me where they told you you need a lvl 30 perch for full effect before you add a rider

Well you could try the forums for one:

Wow I wish PG put that In the game as well.

maybe in this blank area?

It’s not about throwing a hiss fit when your the consumer after already spending money for an item you are told that you need to spend even more money to use that item fully as advertised.

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You mean right here?

Well that would be awesome, but really it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that not all game mechanics are explained well in the game. In fact, if you follow the loading screen advice you will end up with the worst possible base. Pretty much nothing is explained about riders in the game full stop either.

Should it be? Sure, it’s a major flaw in the game. But it should hardly be a surprise at this point, and in the end there’s still some responsibility with buyers to inform themselves as well. And especially as a buyer that has managed to find the forum, it’s not that hard.

Nope I mean before you bought that rider and add it. Like here


You mean PG also tells me I need to level up my towers? Don’t they come at level 65 immediately?

Also my dragons. You mean I need to breed OTHER dragons to evolve them up? I want a refund!



@Morreion I have to agree with @mel5765 on this one.

Us “veteran gamers” are often so used to missing or wrong info, glitches and bugs that we already anticipate what’s likely going to happen or collect vast amounts of information before making a decision.

We often forget that newer players don’t do that. They see a great deal -50% first defense rider ever on seasons and are led to believe that they get the full benefit.

So really if anyone then PG is at fault here for not putting that info into the defense rider tap or into the perch info screen.

But they don’t give a shit just like they didn’t update their misleading loading screen tips in 3 years.

So poor OP here will learn the hard way how players are informed by PG and will soon become like us: Skeptical and apathetic.


Rider page you display, even with no rider should give the same orange warning. It only makes sense.

That being said, there is zero way I’d leave a war anchor point on a rage drain island (riverwatch perch) with a level 13 perch with that big of a deal for and non Atlas related gear. It’s simply too weak to negate the effects of a follower having rage

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Not sure if 8 months in the game makes me a veteran, but I take that as a compliment :grin:

I do kinda agree that PG should put this information in a far more accessible place. But I also find it a bit incongruous that people who didn’t do any kind of reseach about this did apparently do finely honed calculations where a 30% reduction in bonus suddenly makes their investment worthless and causes them to demand a refund.

In other words, I don’t disagree that the information is bad and should be better. But I do question the validity of the outraged tone of the initial post, and making demands immediately like that smacks of lack of personal responsibility to me.


Here’s another one.

You mean I can only put shitty red dragons on my level 1 perch? I want a refund!