Defend Chat Plz

We should have a chat room for defenders, I’ve lost count of how many times me and my teammates used hammers on the same island at the same time…Or not haha…Plz tho, I need this, don’t wanna waste stuff when I don’t need 2

while I don’t disagree with your request, don’t you want multiple people dropping hammers?

We used to have the first defender drop swords, second shields and if owner also there they just loaded supershots at strategic times and dropped hammers.

Probably the only rare thing is hammers.

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I don’t think you could waste time typing when you’re defending or else they’ll just fly past without you defending


IMO, a simple button to notify all defenders to quit is enough, as that’s the only info needed.


Well two more buttons

  • I’ll use swords
  • I’ll use shields

would be useful to prevent wasting those but swords and shields do tend to be more plentiful than hammers.


5000 vs 5000 vs 50

I’ll risk “wasting” the occasional gunpowder or shield


I’d love to be able to coordinate shields and swords as Liz said. And perhaps a button that says “what is this guy doing!?”


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