Defend riders - asummed or only max value?

Hi everybody, i have question about riders at my perches.
If i have 3x riders, they have for example +20% HP towers, +22% HP, +25% HP. So my towers get 20+22+25 or only 25%?
I know that construction time isnt asummed. (Only on one perch CC is highlighted)

Each perch has a different area of effect. When looking at a base, you can see this by the colored rings around the islands.


EDIT: I would strongly suggest just working on towers in the Seagazer area. You shouldn’t have more than 15 towers really.


And to elaborate a bit on what Red has said: This is one reason why it is more economical to have a shorter base; using all the Black Pearls you get to increase a single perch will yield a much higher perch level, meaning more powerful dragons on the perch. Having only one perch also means only one defensive rider and one set of defensive gear (unless you’re changing elements by changing dragons as you get access to stronger versions of, say, the warrior).

Also, any construction bonus is, like all of the other bonuses, limited to the area of effect for that perch. If you look at the picture Red posted, the Riverwatch perch bonuses, including attack, defense, and construction time, would extend only to islands 4, 5, and 6 (the short one above the word Riverwatch is 6, and the long one in the middle in the map is considered 4 and 5).

It is not, actually. Unlike the tower boosts, the construction bonus is for the entire base, and a higher bonus trumps a lower one (except for the first few weeks after Tanok was released, when it was the other way around…)


Construction, Lumbermill and sheep farm bonuses are applied regardless where the perch is. These 3 are greyed out on the rider if the other one has a higher figure.



Learn something new every day. Why have I been swapping my Atlas defender around during Fort events then? :face_with_monocle:

[Edit]: Once again demonstrating that I am not infallible.


Well if I had to guess I’d say because he’s not on your base at all outside of fort, since Bjorn and Tanok have much better defensive stats?

edit: and Lorenzo even better, but that one was expensive so hardly everyone would have him

No, he sits on my first perch, which only has my farms. I only have Tanok, since I didn’t see the benefit of getting another defensive rider if I’m only really using and upgrading one perch.

Farms win wars, so I’d actually consider that one more important, but that’s a different debate (and might not be true in higher tiers).

But if your perch with Defender is not level 30 that would be a reason to move him around during fort. Being on a lower level perch reduces his construction boost after all.

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Well, when you’re in the 250 range, playing in S1/D2, farms don’t mean a damned thing. While I agree with the basic philosophy (and the math behind it), it doesn’t come into play until you’re talking about the highest levels (assuming comparable gear level etc). Where I’m at and where I was playing, there is no defending against the constant barrage of Harbinger and Vanguard leads and/or backers.

But that is leading into a different discussion, I think.

Long live defense riders!


Ouch, I can imagine that. But then neither does the front of your base at that level I suppose…

I’m 234 in P1, and there farms still work fairly well. You get the occasional Vanguard but mostly just Harbinger backers, and those can still get stuck on hammered farms at times, even if they are just level 58.

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They do at lower levels, not so much at higher levels I find. I’ve even stopped maxing my farms immediately, i just use them as supplemental event points now.


Farms are still effective as “shields” at high levels if placed in the front of a long island with strong towers behind them.

Hmm, interesting. Doesn’t that give two-dragon runs a lot of extra time to deal with your damage towers while ignoring your farms though? And then Ember can finish off the farms as the follow?

In war, if the lead is hitting the farms, then something is wrong… (unless he can solo)

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Well it might be effective in our platinum wars, where you get a lead with Bander or something, and the follower has to effectively solo. But with a strong lead, farms up front seems like a liability to me.

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Yeah you can hit the towers behind before they activate to shoot you.

Yes which is why Mech said in lower leagues strong farms are relevant. This is because no one flies a hunter… :man_facepalming:

TBH that was the major reason why I left my last team many moons ago - I was getting followed by an Equestor when I used Necryx…frustrating as all hell.

The setup with farms in front of 2, and damage towers behind, is a good one. I still have this setup even at my level. This is because people rarely look at the base, and they don’t know if the towers behind the farms can hurt them or not, so they end up still trying to take them out and lose precious seconds they could have spent on the high level farms - which are an absolute b*tch to take down.

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It’s actually pretty fun to teach them how to use hunter, especially Ember.
Since defense point isn’t a thing in low league, we can repeat runs as many as we want.

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To teach, they actually have to want to learn…most don’t :rofl: