Defender drags and timer with roster drags

When I first ticked autoassign I had only ember in my roster. Now my top ~20 drags are still defending for another 6 hours.
Can I suggest as a QoL improvement that if a defending dragon is then assigned to active roster then the autoassign resets itself when you next load event screen?
A new dragon will be assigned in their place and the timer reset for that one.
if this is an intended scenario then I don’t like it :confused:

Edit… or give the option to remove a dragon from the defence

It tells ya if it’s not in your roster it’ll be assigned :woman_shrugging:t3:

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This whole event is so stupid it boggles the mind.


Yeh I know it tells you I’m saying i don’t think it makes for good gameplay.
Edit: it even says this specifically in the rules in event screen.
I’m putting it in the suggestions section to see what others think too

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I haven’t tried but I wonder if unchecking auto assign, placing dragons in your roster and then rechecking auto assign works?

I think auto-assign is a huge mistake. This makes it so easy that all players do it. This ends up making cities incredibly difficult to take, making the event highly static. Also takes virtue out of defending.

This was a sensible-sounding change that actually backfires. Please leave it out of KW, ASAP.
Instead, a good change would be to improve the ease of using the defenders menu. My main issue: I wanted to display dragons in the order of strongest to weakest. This required me to select a display options every time. So instead, make the last display option you selected be the default for the next time you open the defender menu.


Nup doesn’t work tried a few different things like that too…

I agree with this @PGGalileo

We went from overly complicated to overly simplified. There’s now no strategy in autoassign, might as well just remove defenders and have HP be based on what tier you’re in (FYI I’m not actually suggesting this, just making a point)

Auto-assign is better than manual assign, but the hp benefit is too high in a world where many people have auto-assign on. Owned regions have very high HP, making movement across the map more expensive in a very discouraging way.

I suggest

  • removing the defenders feature, or
  • scaling down the HP benefit significantly.

I don’t think going back to pure manual assign without other changes helps anything, because:

  • assigning defenders is not fun
  • hitting the hp wall of a highly defended region is not fun
  • rallying your team or being rallied by them to log in to do the unfun work of assigning dragons is not fun.

Then when you get to monuments where bases are all pve and you’re like WWWHHHAAATTT???

So much of this event makes no sense. It’s like the designer for this event has never opened this game at all, and is designing an event for some other random game.


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