Defender load times

Is there something wrong with defender loading? Often I see the first island is either half or fully destroyed before a defender can actually get in and defend. I know this is not an internet speed or connection issue since it happens wifi or not, gigabit or not. It just does not make sense to me since a majority of the time a player is being attacked by a more powerful opponent. Should the defender be given time to power up and at least have a chance?

It’s definitely frustrating. Multiple times a staging screen has been suggested, but obviously hasn’t gained much traction.

The common practice is to put a spare tower out front to give you time to set up defense during the turn.


Putting a tower out doesn’t necessarily help because it allows the opponent an opportunity to build their rage. Which can definitely defeat the purpose of a kill island. Especially if the attacker is OP.

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Certain towers are better than others for this purpose.

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Sounds like you are most likely on android. Unfortunately the game isnt as efficient running on android as it is on iOS. The only solutions I found were the tower out front as already suggested or buying a new top line phone with tons of memory. I noticed when I bought my new phone I could actually get in to defend before they got past my rage drain.

Well I guess that can make sense. However, my phone is the 64gb Moto Z2 with 4gb of RAM and it has a 2.2 GHz Octo Snap CPU. I am not sure what the current iPhone but I pulled quick specs the 8 has 2gb, 8 plus 3gb, and the X has 3gb. So I am not exactly on board with that being the issue. Must be a game programming issue?

Yea sounds like it’s a case of android getting the short straw. I’m using the galaxy note 9 with 6 GB of RAM. Not sure what the processor is but I can say I’ve never had the game run smoother in my 3 years of playing than it is now. Still takes forever for the game to load however.

Pretty lame imho. Lost revenue for the game even, since there are less resources being spent to defend. I liked the post shared about having a ready screen or something. Having an unfair advantage because of ones phone type is problematic.

I’m on IOS and it’s been worse and worse lately when defenders join the lag is so bad most fights take 4-5minutes!

Wow that is a bit crazy. I have had it lag on and off but never for that long, and when it gets terrible the game usually force close on me.

The iPhone 7+ is great the game loads real fast and it runs smooth it’s wonderful

The load time really depends on the processor and ram. I play both android and iOS. My Samsung galaxy s8+ used to be super fast but after 2 years of game updates the lag is horrible. My s7 became unplayable at all about 6 months ago and I’m betting I’ll need to replace my phone within 6 months to keep playing. That being said, my iPad air2 is still playing it very well (and it’s older) but my new iPad is lightening fast. Apple devices last way longer than the best android devices for games. When playing games, to get the most life from your device buy the best and expect only 3 years at most from an android device and 5 years from Apple.

What a magnificent load of rubbish :joy:

Which part is the rubbish part?

My new Google Pixel three runs swimmingly.

I’m so glad I “convinced” my company I needed a new phone.

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