DEFENDERS WANTED...Platinum team on the rise rank 765 (replacing alts)

                       🔥🔥🔥**DEFENDERS  WANTED** 🔥🔥🔥

THEFIREBEASTS are a highly organized VERY ACTIVE TEAM (Rank 765) looking for new members level 75(+/-) who are DAILY players driven to succeed to replace alts. Wars AND event participation ANDATORY. Otherwise we are a pretty laid back and friendly team.

Contacts: DragonSpellZ, Rejected1988, FUitsSID. EVEN IF TEAM IS FULL

Time Zone: Worldwide (English Speaking)
Played time: 6-12 mo+
Age Range: none (Adult demeanor)
Elite Account?: Yes (LINE app available)
Dragon Roster Will be reviewed
Highest Lineage Dragon (reviewed)

If you are not active (daily) or miss wars/events DO NOT APPLY

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