Defenders with bad connection now have all the power?

I have a rather good internet connection, but in my last war run my dragon never moved. It said I had a bad connection, my dragon sat in place and died. What is going on? Anyone else have this happening when defenders come on?


vice versa. attackers with bad connection give a hard faq’ing time for defenders to properly defend.


I encountered that problem only once 2-3 months ago, but generally my dragons move slowly and there is that dreaded 5-second timer, even with 2 defenders on.
I also see that 1 defender doesn’t slow me much, but 2 defenders is hell.

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Yes!!! This happens to me every single time I get defended!!!
My drag will freeze in place and get shot down by towers I can’t see


Its a goddamn bug I get with very single defender and no good response from pg yet. Here you go!

@Mahdur how many times would I have to tell you this thing is different. Its a BUG. Get that through your head and don’t relate it to normal ingame problems and confuse people who aren’t experiencing it. Did you even read my thread and read what people said?

how often, for the last couple of years, have you had to defend against a dragon that flies still at the spawn or right above your towers yet destroys your base with your tower not shooting at the said dragon at all? -at least on defenders’ screen.

this’s been around forever but it doesn’t happen too often so many think of this as a recent bug.

when reported with recorded videos -my first record of this dates back to 2017-, the issue was responded with an answer that it was due to a connection issue rather than a bug or a hack. -and every faq’ing time when i reported again with different cases and also with different recorded vids.

it may or may not be the same issue, -though it seems to be pretty much the same if you change sides- but if your issue happens too often to you but not to others -as most of my teammates and wd buds aren’t suffering too bad from this- o well, u just need to report the issue again, keep pestering pg to fix it as this surely affects your gameplay.

all i was saying in your thread was that your bug has high possibility that it wasn’t implemented upon the latest update.

and all i’m saying here is that OP’s claim, “defenders with bad connection” causing the issue, works both ways.

i can see you’re pissed off but if you wanna blow off your steam, do that using this link instead.

like said, the issue may or may not be the same, but it isn’t like i’m the pg employee who’s developing the game that made the issue. :man_shrugging:t2:

oh and… uh… you’re still playing the game? :flushed:


It seems your unable to comprehend what people are saying. For example,

I’ve responded to you personally for that exact same q, you can check your replies.

And that is important. Don’t brush that off. Its what’s changing this whole discussion.

Done that. I can’t believe you actually went through my thread now. Its posted there.


Everytime is the word you are looking for. like the posts said in my thread and a couple in this one.

o i kno. x) those were and are for a tease.

and like said, there are many people who aren’t suffering that bad from the said issue you’re experiencing even when their attacks are double-triple defended. -heck, some probably not at all.

plus, it isn’t me who added the issue to the game. so keep reporting pg to fix the issue rather than meaninglessly trying to convince me to agree with you -as i clearly still think it’s a connection issue and- as that won’t help you to get your issue fixed at all.

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Its not a connection issue. Oh dear God, u don’t get it. Its a BUG. You have seen my internet speed and you have seen my videos attacking different people. What are the odds all of them have a bad internet connection. Also here is a post directed at you from my thread.

The thing is when pg reads your posts there is a chance that they are going to dismiss this issue. Keep your opinion to yourself when it can obviously mislead people.

Edit: all the likes on your post makes it worse. They dont know what the op is talking about. Sigh.

that was a quick edit. err… multiple edits -and a slow one at the end.

btw no, contrary to how you think pg works, when an issue is brought up, they don’t ignore it especially with enough number of tickets.

exact reason i keep telling you to report more often with records rather than trying to convince someone on the forums that disagree with you.

if red names will come and say this is a new issue, i won’t be disagreeing, but until then my take on this issue will stay as that it’s caused by a bad connection.

oh and, i think you really don’t understand how a connection works. it’s not exactly about the optimal speed your isp says that you’ll have. it’s more about the route the data’s being sent through and the distance to its destination (and backwards)

simply put, even if you and your buddy in another continent both use services that provide your speed, 100mbps, there always will be lags and spikes even if it is a direct peer to peer connection. -same for 1gbps, btw, if you think that’d make any difference.

exact reason i keep saying your issue may still be about the old connection issue.

if the recent update has anything to do with it, my guess is that it made the issue happen more often than before.

never said it SHOULDN’T be fixed as it is affecting gameplays of some people including yours, so don’t mistaken me if you are thinking that my opinion’s about that your issue shouldn’t be fixed.

i merely have a different take on the cause of the issue, not the need for the fix of it. :man_shrugging:t2:

All I know is everything is good on my end. And all is good on the defenders end too (tried with alt).
Had no issues for years until past few weeks. So instead of lecturing me IOT, think of it in simplicity.

You are doing it unintentionally(making light of the issue) by arguing with me.

are you sure that everything on your end is good? as there are things that you can’t know right away and you or pg can’t control. -as it can also be the isp’s in your area or there can be some issues with the routes the isp’s in your area are using to send your data over.

and the short explanation and example i gave wasn’t about iot by definition… -also, to me, what i’ve been saying is simple enough.

not exactly as once pg can afford their manpower to look into it, they’ll know what the actual cause was regardless what you and i think the cause of the issue is now.

besides, you said it happens every time you attack against defended bases, meaning it is easy for you to replicate the case. that helps pg tremendously upon trying to figure out the cause. -well, again… that is when they can afford to assign people to work on a fix for this.

and we’re talking about a cause of an issue on the forums, where having arguments is normal.

if you wanted nobody to disagree with you or if you can’t cool yourself at people who do not agree with you, i suggest sending tickets regarding the matter and be done with it instead.

-you can always try to be a harmless troll on the forums though. i believe most of the people who come here love trolls with wits. :grin: e.g. xxxx, xxxxx, xxxx, xxxxxxx. (edited out the names)

I’m not against arguments at all. In fact I love them. But I don’t like the effect it’s having towards this problem in this specific one. Nothing is changed here in the past two weeks. And multiple people are claiming this issue. Not an issue on my end.

Will you learn to accept your errors @Mahdur? This is an issue that only began occurring a few updates ago and makes dragons stick in place on the attackers screen while they get slaughtered without even facing the towers. The issue of delayed defending makes it difficult to defend, it doesn’t make the towers just not shoot thus is a far more minor issue and one that pg clearly has no solution to,


@PGGalileo, hi can we get a response to show you have seen the issue we are facing. Even just a “we are aware of this and currently looking into it.” For me on 100mbps I have one defender and freeze in place… complete freeze every time. I don’t attack in atlas anymore war runs are terrible. And PvP events don’t get me started. I actually just swap out now the moment a defender arrives. It is untenable.

@Mahdur i understand what you are saying , but we are not talking about the bug or connection issues which we had already for years ,
i am level 436 , playing this game for more than 2+ years , i know what will happen when anyone of the player ( attacker/defender) having bad internet .

i never seen attacker dragons suddenly teleport few steps due to internet issues,
this started to happening from recent updates like 5.19 or 5.20 i dont remember exactly . PG did some changes on this area … thats why dragon suddenly moves forward little when we have “conneting pls wait” issues /low signal issue . they can easily revert it back in next update if they want.

in my 2 years of game of play i played with best and poor networks too , but dragon never moves forward suddenly like teleportation in attackers screen.
so kindly dont compare it with defender screen dragon moment issues which we had for ages .

Same same same. I’ve tagged a lot of employees and don’t wanna Spam them. Just please let us know!

we may needs to merge all of our threads in to single thread , our thread have video proofs too .

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