Defending against a mega should let you gain 25% of those points for your team if they fail the attack


I ran out of energy midway through event and started doing a lot of defenses for my team.
Just started wishing a defense could help me and my team out with the event in the form of points.
Yes I understand defense helps by not letting the other teams get points on your territories. But I defended over 30 times this event used a lot of hammers and I have nothing to show for it. And no way to show anything for those hammers.
At least in wars it shows you your stats when you grab your eggs.


You shouldn’t grab your eggs in public…

I was pretty happy I got a 1hr timer once for defending. Honestly I get more joy shooting people down than anything else with this event. Despite my name I’m really not a farging arsehole so I do have a little guilt. It’s just the event is SOOO bad.

I agree, better rewards (like everything) scaled by level would be good.

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Having a failed attack, at the very least, have the consequence of a team LOSING points towards conquering a monument would certainly be an interesting mechanic, even if you didn’t earn any personal points in the process. Might even solve some of the problems out there. :man_shrugging:


Hmm how about no on getting points for defends! losing pointss would be dope tho make that one happen

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Does losing count as zero flames? If so yeah that would be awesome.

Maybe make it 50% so it nets out zero for the attacker when they do the you know what.

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Apparently I missed this thread… :eyes:

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Since the thread that @Bonfires created (and linked) is still open and there is more replies there, I will go ahead and close this thread. Please continue the discussion in the thread that Bonfires linked.

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