Defending atlas attacks

When defending a base, I wish we could taunt and distract the attacker…… this may be a way to even the odds against that top ta😬

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Like, a taunter?


Or, like a text box to throw shade? :thinking:


A tower that hurls yo mamma jokes?


There is already a “way” to do this. Just toggle Airplane Mode off and on.

(NO I do NOT suggest this be done ever!!)

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I suspect the ask is more while in defence than outside using primarchs.

Dropping boosts kind of does this already to an extent as you can’t see the difference between flaks when boosts are in place.

I’m putting words in the OP’s mouth but think they are looking for a “boost” that forces attacker to have to attack certain towers.

I’d like to have things like chaff to throw in the way. A list of insults that would flash on screen for the attacker…. And other such things. It’s sad that you can type messages to your fellow defender but not the the attacker….

I guess, this thread screams for the old saying: git good :joy::joy::joy:

That’s rife for abuse…

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Why would i want to type during a defense anyway, let alone to someone hitting me just to scold them in a war game?

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To tell yo momma jokes like someone said earlier.hehehe just to get back a little for destroying your base lols

Not even remotely



I wish you could type a message to your fellow defenders. Unfortunately they haven’t implemented that feature. It would be extremely helpful!

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Depends on the message.
It’s ok IMO, if it’s as simple as

  • Quit!
  • (Don’t) SS here!
  • :+1:
  • :-1:

Anything more complex will be useless / tiresome (extra censorship, etc.)

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I wouldn’t mind a few “hot key” icons with pre-set messages. Miss those from my PC gaming days.