Defending Bases

Hi there. When will defending bases become relevant again? The rewards we get from the amount of resources we need to use to shoot down a divine dragon is insulting. Rewards should be given when the attacker swaps dragons. The loot should be scaled to the dragons attacking. Use different loot tables for different ranked dragons. TY

You are only defending for the rewards you get? The team quests have added more incentive. If you’re on an Atlas team, defending helps your teammates keep their gold. And of course, defending helps win wars.

I don’t think we need more rewards to justify defending.


I agree that the point of defending is not get rewards. Who defends every banner they see, desperately spamming hammers, to earn some rubies? :joy: However, I think some of the following could be applied:

  • Instead of 1 ruby per dragon shot down, maybe 10? I’m trying to be realistic with PG…so don’t say a greater amount is necessary. (like the egg tokens dropping from monument complaints).

  • Scale Ryuu off of the player level (dragon den, builder hut, breeding castle). This was discussed here: Change base defense reward away from water dragon

  • Reward special consumable spells that are currently unforgeable from shooting down strong dragons. (e.g. sacrifice, earthquake, flash and rising phoenix)

Either way, Team Quests, events and wars promotes the purpose to defend enough.


I forget what thread it was in, but I think there was one that mentioned players opting out of Ryuu and instead getting chests they could open when killing the 20 dragons. That’d be sweet.

I think the OP needed you as a ghostwriter! :+1:

Yeah you pretty much addressed it all… and in the right way.

Now all we’re missing is another poll. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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