Defending downed dragons not counting

While defending I have downed dragons and at results it has said it counted one time i went from 14 to 17. Then I click home and it’s back to 14 my counter for the dragon is stuck at 14. Can someone figure out why a few other people addressed it to me as well in league chat. Thanks in advance

They NEVER count during PVP defenses.


And war I think

I have noticed this too, to me it seems that the defenses that are done defending event attacks do not count towards the process bar for the water dragon, while regular defenses do. Since the water dragon pretty much sucks, I dont see this as striking as a high priority fix, yet in your defense, I’m all about getting whatever I can from the defenses that I participate in.

I think Water dragon is still useful, especially if you assist an attack against lower level team when all dragon in your roster have x5 multiplier😁

They count in war, but not PVP event defenses. I’m fine with that :man_shrugging:

This is your punishment for defending in a pvp :japanese_goblin:

And your punishment for NOT defending is losing team rank :man_shrugging:

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Not in gold.
Most, but unfortunately not all, understand that it doesnt affect team rank much, but does have a fairly sizeable impact on individual prizes.

Not in the Gold 2 league I’m in. You’d think it was high sapphire or Diamond with the defending and Megas dropping every 5 minutes…

Lol, you should see the top team we up against (g2 also).
A couple 300s, bunch of 200s, and a ton of 100+.
Not sure if working up, or sandbagging. If the later, Id be embarrased lol

I watched a similar team drain a team to 0 VP within minutes of the round start.

In Gold.

Sad sad sad.


Some random German team, flying Obsidians

Like I and many others have said previously, scale individual prizes by league. That’ll stop sandbagging. There should be a cost to a high level sandbagging in lower leagues. Currently there just isn’t.

We still care about the water dragon? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Oops, my bad. Sorry.

Sorry for what?

For wrong guess. Honestly, I rarely paid attention to Water Dragon counter, unless it gets maxed :slight_smile:

Ohh yes it makes difference . If it’s super or mega defended, you get advantage of 400 to 1900 points . Why can’t you go and hit the bases which you can kill even defended?
You shouldn’t complain for overreaching yourself. Otherwise , accept failure when it happens. Don’t go whining.