Defending in events


Who here has gone into their league chat during a pvp event and seen somebody complaining about event defending? Now if you’re in diamond league, you won’t see this much if at all, which is how it should be in every league!! To many people think it’s unfair for someone to defend against them when it’s an event attack, but this is how you win, notice how I said you don’t see it much in diamond? That’s because they’re the top teams and they know what they need to do to get a good rank in an event. If your team personally chooses not to defend in events, then that’s fine, but please don’t complain that you got defended, if you died in a event attack because you were defended and think it’s unfair then you have two options 1. Attack a lower level. Or 2. Learn how to attack even when defended. We all have to have the occasional (or more then occasional, depends on the league and team) event defend, so defend event attacks, or keep it to yourself. Thanks :kissing_heart:.


:man_shrugging: Team rewards differences are crap in events anyway. I’d rather not waste my defense items, hammers mostly, on the tons of event attacks.

And…just ignore them if they are yapping about it in LC, much the same way as you ignore the explicit talk.

Play how you wanna play is what I say. Defend against me all you want. If I’m hitting your base, it’s cause I KNOW I can take it down with 3 or less dragons.

ylf :triumph:


I feel the same way @jonesy and I do ignore it in league chat. But I wanted to open this topic and see what other people thought as well. Sometimes defending in an event can give you a higher rank in the event, and in events like capture the flag it can make you keep your flag. And defending helps you learn how to fly better, which is definitely a good thing. You’ll quickly learn to either take a base you know you can defeat or you’ll learn how to attack with defenders. Either way works.


Generally event defending (from what I do, and have seen) doesn’t use hammers or boosts as that is a waste, but is more activating towers strategically then leaving for more to be activated.


Heh, you haven’t seen the insane hammer dropping fools I’ve come up against then…


Some teams defend, some don’t. I agree with Jonesy and Sapphire - I just ignore. BUT, I will target teams that defend in event - just because its fun :wink: After all, if they are defending might as well make them work for it!


Suppose so. That’s just vacuous. Stayed in the same league for a long long time so that may have something to do with it, who knows.


If they’re defending…they aren’t attacking. So there’s that too…


Down in Platinum we have this convo in LC every single event. I’m sick to death of it tbh. I tell my team if they want to defend, then go for it, but I save my hammers for war. As @Jonesy said, the team rewards difference between first and last place is not worth fighting over. Events are about earning personal reward sigils for me, pure and simple.


Completely agree. Most teams Plat down don’t bother defending - its usually just 2 or 3 each league that defend. Most players understand that we want to help EVERYONE get as many sigils as possible. I’ll never bother defending events - its a waste of my time and resources.


I disagree with this, although I do agree with not wasting hammers. But if they’re using their hammers for events it means they won’t have as many for wars sooo that’s up to them. Some people don’t have any energy left or are waiting for the energy refill, and they want to help their team. So they defend. But to each their own when it comes to defending in events


I won’t lie, if I am out of energy, I’ll pop in some defenses and supershot some mages, but I’m mainly there to see how my teammates bases hold up.


Now that you’ve mentioned assessing team member bases - the thread on allowing team members to attack each other’s base is an important one - we should enable this feature.


It’s probably different in Diamond but the difference between first and last in Platinum is 250 sigils.


Then we can agree to disagree :+1: Sigils earned from personal attacks are much greater than the minimal differences between 1st and last place sigils. Ok, maybe not dead LAST, but middle of the pack…


Except for the idea that PG will probably twist it into a way to either cost gems or energy, so there’s that to take into consideration.


I see what you’re saying, and you’re correct, but every league has to have those bottom teams in events, and those are the teams who’s members don’t work hard usually. I personally find that if you can’t use energy to help your team, and you can either slow down, or stop attacks on your team, you can end up getting your team better prizes if multiple people do this. When I see someone using inner fires I’m sympathetic and try not to kill them, but even slowing them down can make the difference between a win and a loss between two teams @jonesy


I’m gonna run 3 birds in PvP on most occasions anyway, so I don’t mind being defended. As said above, it is definitely better practice for war.
The difference now has nothing to do with sigils, but team rating points. The fact that event standings can effect our overall team rating, means more people will defend.
Everyone should start being prepared for heavy defense on Sunday and Monday as final rankings can swing down the stretch. Not being able to war during PvP, means these are the only outlet for ratings points for 4 or 5 days and could hurt you


It’s a difference of 625 sigils in diamond by the way.

I’ve always been a fan of defending. If my teammates are out of energy but want to help the team, they defend. Pure and simple.


Well, only 250 here you’re right. But these 250 sigils Stack up if you’re constantly down there - and you end up getting around 2k less than a team which is constantly high ranked