Defending tools

Do the defend tools stack on each other. So if i lay down 5 shield things over the 5 towers. Do those towers increase its defense, of however much it is, 5 times?

Only the hammers stack (healing towers). Also, the attack/defense (don’t stack) are time limited so if you use one too far in advance, it will have expired by the time the opposing dragon reaches there (I do not know how long it lasts, though).

But to directly answer your question, no, it won’t increase defense 5 times in your example.

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thanks mate. Yes i knew about the expiring.

Okay so it doesn’t stack for my own 5.

Will it stack from 2 defenders laying down an Attack/Defend on the same set of 5? i would assume not but just thought to ask in case.

I think all it does is reset the timer for how long the boosts will last, if 2 people throw them down.


That would make sense. Thanks guys. Happy flying.


The timer does not reset if you or another defender puts a second attack/def boost before first one expires

What? :scream: So if the boost lasted say 30 seconds and 10 seconds later my team mate threw another one, the boost will vanish in another 20 seconds? That doesn’t seem right…

Yes. This is why I get annoyed when people throw boosts too early :see_no_evil:

Well, I have a shit ton of the defense and attack buffs anyway :joy::joy::joy: Not like I’ll ever use those up.

Gimme some Liz!

I got a ton too. Being in platinum I don’t always need to use tons of hammers a night but they’re obviously the short stack. How do people get enough hammers to throw as they do lol

Heck if I know :laughing: Only real answer is they must not defend regularly.

Edit: or buy them in the forge

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