Defending yesterday’s base



Has anyone else had problems with their bases being out of sync with the version that everyone else sees?

I noticed a couple of times today while defending that there was a storm tower in the wrong place, I.e. it was where I should have a red mage tower under construction. One of my teammates confirmed that they also see the storm tower.

Check out these screenshots taken just now, at pretty much the same time - one by me, and one by my teammate looking at my base plan. The base I defend matches the latter, even though I moved that storm tower off of the first long Island about twelve hours ago.

Anyone else experienced this? Is it a known issue?


It’s always been like this with server delay. Best is to store a tower and take it out again. It will force sync your base with the server side


If you put one of your towers in storage and then put it back on your base it should fix your issue.


Thanks, that’s appears to have done the trick. Twelve hours doesn’t feel like a server delay though, that’s feels like some other glitch.

Also weird that the defence power rating I see is rarely the same as what everyone else does. Less worried about numbers though, just want the base I’m defending to be the one I’ve actually built.


In other news you should consider a fairly major base layout revamp and a well thought out upgrade plan because your base as it sits right now is going the way of the shitter. Not being a dick, just being honest. Look up some basic base building tips to help yourself with some do’s and don’ts :slight_smile:


The defense you see includes any bonuses you currently have active on your base. The number everyone else sees is your defense without those bonuses.


Another one for if just storing/swapping one tower doesn’t work (happens every once in a while) is to store all towers on islands from the attacker’s start through to the tower that you want to swap out.

e.g. For your base, let’s say that you wanted to swap out the ballista, but it isn’t updating; you’d want to start storing all towers starting from the solo L15 storm through to the one including the L13 ballista (16 towers in all), exit the game, force close the game from the task switcher, relaunch, and replace towers accordingly.

Other people have also suggested changing the language before, but that hasn’t worked for me :x

Delay in base reflecting changes

Yeah, already partway through a course correction after some mistakes early on (e.g. ballistas). Wasn’t meaning this to be a ‘please critique my base’ thread, but since I’ve posted the picture I guess I may as well!

Starting slightly too late to build upward rather than outward, but was using that last island as a construction yard and wheeling a ballista out of storage while I’m upgrading anything else - on the assumption that even a ballista is better than the vacated empty spot. That’s why I was confused to find anything on that island actually being part of my base! Expect I need a few more mage towers and got a weedy dark flak in storage that I’ll sub in for a trebuchet once I’ve levelled it a bit more. Any of that sound wrong, or any other suggestions?


Really appreciate the comprehensive advice, but I’m still astonished we need that level of workaround!


You’re better off benching all your useless towers. Having them out only allows attackers to build rage. It’s never too late to start building up. I got 9 or so towers in storage as I started late too. But I’ve now got a very nice base for my level (level 97 2m Def unboosted) thanks to modelling my base after @mechengg. Listen to his advice and you will do fine :+1:


Mech is a good base advisor :grin:


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