Defends power rate

Hi WD team

Just a suggestion to add a defense power% for each island including runes…



Worth mentioning we still have 3 different defence numbers depending on which screen you look at. Would be nice to have a constant accurate number throughout every screen as well.


may I ask which is the third?

Looking at someones profile
Looking at someones base from the attack screen
The DP the owner of the base sees


Maybe it should also be worthwhile to take a look into AP and DP in general and how it’s calculated. AKA a L75 tower with X gear can have identical stats to a L80 tower with no gear, but their shown defense power are significantly different.

Or perhaps it’s something that certain folks can/may/are looking into?

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Can? Of course.
May? PG has my permission to do so!
Are? Doubtful? How does fixing reported base defense generate new or incremental revenue for the game owners?

Not arguing here, more talking out loud, but what recent investments could possibly benefit, in some way shape or another, from correcting gear inflated DP figures?

I’m not falling for your logic trap on a Friday. :slight_smile:

My cynical nature sets off all kind of alarm bells when I go to try the new war and we have a 4th inaccurate measure of a base’s power and I get my fuzzy cat butt handed back to me on a silver platter by the defending team and burn one of my 7 attempts based on bad info.

Cat Butt. Its whats for dinner. :arrow_heading_up:

PG’s ability to perform basic math is in question. Witness farms/mills that could not be upgraded because hey, no one could store that much RSS. Advanced math makes me nervous.

This past weekend my wife and I went to a concert and bought a band T-shirt. The wife handed her two $20 bills and the T-shirt was $25.00 I watched the sales person open her phone, start up calc, and use it to give correct change. While I was appalled by the lack of mental math, I applauded her dedication to using a good tool to ensure accuracy and satisfaction for both parties the first time around. None of that “Hey, I need correct change!” after the transaction, or umm, patch if you like.

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We shall try next week then :slight_smile:

If all 4 screens are accurate and unified on patch day without any subsequent adjustments, I’ll eat some crow in public. Feathers first. Give some folks some incentive and totally worth a bit of humble pie for the fix. :slight_smile:

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