Defense active boosts

So my question pertains to hammers shields and swords. I’m curious how the mechanics work. I know the effects but I want to know if they ever stack in any situation?

Hammers apply instantly…so, I don’t see how they could stack, unless there is a glitch I don’t know about.

I’ve heard people claim that shields and swords stack, but I’m pretty sure they just refresh the remaining time of the boost on those towers.

I forgot what thread it’s in but another player who’s been around for a while says that dropping extra swords and shields doesn’t actually reset the time on how long the boosts will be active.

Shields and swords don’t stack in boosting attack or hp. They don’t stack even time. each will stay active till its supposed to, independently. they won’t add up and stay longer .
When the last dropped boost expires, the boost is gone.

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:sweat_smile: And I thought dropping a new one will reset the time…

Well it does reset the time. As the new one will last the new duration :man_shrugging:


I wonder if that becomes a performance issue for some peoples phones then? :thinking: Since you have to track each independent boost then…

That hasn’t been my experience. I can recall many times where a teammate dropped a shield when the dragon was far away and I dropped one when the drag was about to turn and the boost would expire shortly after or even before the drag arrived. I suppose it could be a visual glitch but :woman_shrugging:t2:

I actually don’t know. Was just going off what was said previously.

@PGCrisis can you follow up with the devs on this?

haha i have seen shields on towers with no defender many times :sweat_smile:
I can’t even realise whether grey hp is visual glitch, shield remaining is visual glitch or anything similar to these, for that matter.

Shield with no defenders is probably the mythic warrior special perch ability if it’s only one tower at a time

From what I can tell, grey HP indicates predicted damage. Like you’ll see the grey stay there if you were shooting a tower and then a storm tower supershot activated while the shots were in the air because the predicted damage did not occur


Yeah I’ve had that before. Looked like the storm was healing the towers lol

If dropping a second boost reset the timer then a continuous boost effect should be possible. But it doesn’t seem to be. I tried :frowning:

point taken, buut i have seen on xp bases without perch on island and grey hp without any tower which can shield alive. again, it may just be visual glitch, but i had to hit 2-3 ammo to kill farm with grey hp.

Farms can heal. If the timing is just right towers can avoid death. This applies for hammers as well even vs spells like death gaze or the second cast of crumble to dust

they can only heal adjacent towers right?

:thinking: Mechanically I don’t see how a farm healing can avoid DG

Basically yes. I have seen grey hp stay in cases where I couldn’t find an explanation though :woman_shrugging:t2:

Me neither but it happens lol. Drives me nuts

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It happens…I have personally experienced Death Gaze and Crumble to Dust failing. It seems to be a split second miscalculation in the tower hp where it’s lagging being predicted damage and actual damage.