Defense active boosts


@PG I’d love to see the math or formula for boosting during defense


do the amount of health heal by hammer base on 25% of the building total health?


I believe it’s 1/3 actually but I’m not 100% sure. :t_rex:

Edit: Nvm I was wrong. See mech’s post below :stuck_out_tongue:




Ive never laid a sword or a shield twice and the boost end based on the 1st to drop, that sounds like nonsense


Possibly from ice turret, ive seen ice turret shield save towers from death gaze.

Also seen hammers glitch a 2nd cast C2d/ Enf kill on towers


No Ice turret HP is killed first before the tower hp starts reducing.
I have seen it in cases with no defender nor ice turret/storm. Its some sort of glitch.


I was not arguing against this, just saying i have seen it save towers from death gaze…

Also seen ice turret hp greatly reduce the amount that the green and grey shade was being dropped on high level mills and farms… granted i dont understand it much at all and could write it off as a glitch, i still like to exaughst options/ possibilities.

So does ice turret special buffs hp % based on ice turret level? And that % buffs hp of the tower being shielded directly? Clarity request


I have seen ice turret shield thing too but that is a very long ago, not anymore. Deathgaze beat all the shield unless that is storm shield


I just intended to say it tends to happen even otherwise. So i feel its independent of ice turret shielding.

It adds HP based on Ice turret level irrespective of what the other towers are. And the HP added increases with ice turret level.


Just seen this lol thank you


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