[Defense] Eliminate Ruby Cost for Rune/Glyph Removal

The cost to remove defense runes and glyphs is absurdly steep with what is perhaps the most valuable and flexible consumable in this game. This procedure is problematic because it constricts what variable possibilities a player may have with regard to their base and how they have it arranged. The tax on rubies that we can see in this mechanism is prohibitive in the following ways, among probable others:

  • Testing different base arrangements
    • This cannot be done without depleting a massive swath of rubies in return.
  • Trying a different setup, making room for a different tower (e.g. swapping out a Storm Tower, Oculus, and Fire Flak with a group of Lightning Towers)
    • This cannot be done without depleting a massive swath of rubies in return, although on a much smaller scale than the former action.
  • Managing rubies for other purposes
    • This surely isn’t baked into the removal system. Rubies are used for a variety of purposes, most notably at the end of the season for investment into Super Sigil Chests; using this as my example—among many other great ones—for why the cost is unsound, a full one-range setup of complete mythic runes and glyphs is worth the equivalent of an entire set of ten chests, so whereas a player could be gaining sigils to go toward a mythic or an unfinished branch, they waste their rubies on rune/glyph removal.

The ruby cost applied to removing defensive runes and glyphs may seem like a worthy comeuppance, but it’s really such a harsh penalty for players whose only wishes are to refurbish their bases; I believe that there should only be a cost (in chisels) applied to the removal of offensive runes and glyphs. Never should a player be sentenced to such a harsh penalty as the one we all currently have to face if we decide to move things around; the cost for offensive runes and glyphs is fine (especially given that for the longest, we had no real way to remove offensive runes and glyphs at all), but I struggle with finding the reasonable grounds for why we have a cost applied to defensive runes and glyphs, when players are generally much more prone to removing those than they are to removing offensive runes and glyphs.


I still don’t understand why chisels can’t be dual purpose for dragons and base stuff.


Back before I had any significant runes/glyphs, half the fun of the game used to be experimenting with base layouts. Now it is too expensive.

It’s been mentioned many a time before, but worth mentioning again.