Defense event idea

This idea is off the wall and will probably never happen, but just throwing it out there.

What if we had an event (maybe a solo event) that was focused on defense instead of attacks? Here is how it would work:

  1. You are given a fixed amount of resources to build a base corresponding to a certain dragon tier

  2. You build the best layout you can with the resources and buildings you have available

  3. You press a ‘done’ button and an AI dragon (like summon warrior) with attack power corresponding to the current tier attacks your base

  4. If you successfully defend, then you can move up to the next dragon tier with more resources and a tougher dragon to defend against.

It would be like Temple Raids except defending instead of attacking.



:roll_eyes: Ok (have guessed the result)

sounds interesting how would you get points?

Great idea ! Think out of the box and such talent should work with PG :smiley:

You would get points for each dragon you successfully defend against.

I’m not sure how it could work on a team / pvp level.

Might not work with an AI dragon… You’d have to have a real player attacking somehow. Like if you didn’t get points from attacking an online event base, but got 10 rubies instead. And for calculating event points maybe each not destroyed tower is worth a certain amount. I don’t know how IF and energy packs could fit in though.


  • No points from attacking.
  • Get rewarded for defending.


  • A week without any attack…

I like the concept, but i’m very hesitant on the thoughts of an AI attacking dragon. I think that it could be cheesed very very easily based on class and type attacking. And the AI would either be quite weak, or extremely over powered.

I’m still trying to get a thought around how this could be accomplished to incentivize attacking other teams and people. Something along the lines of “for every attack you make, you can earn points on defense” or something like that to make people attack someone before they can earn points themself or something. Just spitballing for now though.


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