Defense glitch after update

We’ve noticed glitch since last update.

When trying to make quests and defend either your base or a teammate a message pops saying “you’re unable to join because we are updating our software”

IOS updated, last version of war dragons (4.16) updated too…

Also several teammates who have updated their phones and app cannot join on attacks…

Chatting in LC this is happening to a lot of users on gold league at least. It’s happening in my team and with several others.

@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCoffee

You must be new.
During updates, people on different versions of the app can’t join Battles together. They have to be on the same version of the app to do so. The iTunes Store doesn’t release the app all at one time across the globe unfortunately, so there’s a 24 our period where it’s possibel to encounter the error message you’re receiving.
After tonight you won’t get that message bc the app will force people to update.

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We’ve blocked the previous version, 4.15, about 30 minutes ago. As players launch the game this should no longer be an issue. Thanks @Lutrus!

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Lutrus, I’m well aware when people have previous versions and the time difference of different users around the globe.

Thank you for your input.

@PGMichael thank you for your response :slight_smile:

If you know then why open a thread?


It’s only when a “major” release comes out. At least they disable wars now. That was really annoying. I do get your point about the quest though.

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