Defense hammers

How does one person drop 16 to 20 hammers in a war run? Something seems wrong! Any help with this?

Well, if memory serves (and it might not - I need coffee), hammers can be dropped approximately every 3 seconds. So 16-20 hammers = 48-60 seconds, assuming perfect timing.

Even if you assume 50% more time, to account for player delay in dropping hammers, it’s perfectly possible if they’re dropping hammers the entire run. More than possible if it’s a run that involves multiple dragons.


I’ve been seeing a lot of super hammers lately again, one defender not the base owner.
And then i send a ticket to support, asking when will I be worthy of such powerful defense tools, I wish my hammers were that fast.

Try to screenshot your battlechat. As already mentioned, the hammer drop has a 3 second cooldown. If that’s the time, you see in between hammers, it was just perfect timing. If you see strange things like quicker drops or more drops at the same timestamp, then it’s fishy.


Thanks to all

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