Defense in PvP - Points for defender


entschuldigt, ich bin zu faul zum Übersetzen ^^

Bei einem PvP-Event geht es, wie der Name schon sagt, um Player-vs-Player-Situationen.
Der Angreifer erhält Punkte für das Zerstören der Basis - doch was ist mit dem Verteidiger?
Der Verteidiger hat bis auf mögliche Ausgaben (Hämmer, Schilde, Schwerter) und ggf. eine geringe Beute durch den Abschuss der Drachen keinen persönlichen Nutzen (gemeint ist persönlich-privater Nutzen; Nutzen, den der Spieler abseits des Teams für sich beanspruchen kann).

Meine Idee hierbei ist es, den Verteidigern auch Punkte zukommen zu lassen.

Beispiel: Der Angreifer fliegt eine Basis an, die ihm 100 Punkte gibt. Der Angreifer zerstört 90% der Basis, somit bekommt er 100 Punkte.
Im darauffolgenden Flug gegen die gleiche Basis ist allerdings ein Verteidiger anwesend, der den Angriff effektiv verhindert, es werden nur 63% zerstört. Hierbei erhält der Angreifer nicht die vollen 100 Punkte, sondern lediglich 50 (nur ein Zahlenbeispiel, genaue Angabe unbekannt). Nun sollte der Verteidiger die Differenz zwischen den 100 möglichen Punkten und der tatsächlich erreichten Punktzahl, 50, des Angreifers erhalten, in diesem Fall also auch 50 Punkte.
Dieses Prozedere sollte auf alle Attacken angewandt werden (normale Angriff, Superangriff, Wildfire und Mega), genauso auf den Einsatz von Innerem Feuer.

Die Idee dahinter ist, dass die Verteidigungen in PvPs stärkeren Einfluss nehmen, weil sie teilweise doch sehr vernachlässigt werden und es oftmals bei einem eigentlichen PvP-Event nicht Player-vs-Player ist, sondern vielmehr Player-vs-“normale Basis”.

Mit freundlichem Gruße,

PS: Mir ist durchaus bewusst, dass es Leute gibt, denen ihre (Mega-)Attacken heilig sind und die daher diese Idee tot reden werden.
Ich bitte dennoch um eine harmonische Diskussion ohne jegliche Beleidigung - danke!

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sorry, I’m too lazy to translate ^^

A PvP event, as the name implies, is about player-vs-player situations.
The attacker gets points for destroying the base - but what about the defender?
The defender has no personal benefit except for possible expenses (hammers, shields, swords) and possibly a small amount of boosts from killing the dragon(personal-private benefit, benefits that the player can claim away from the team).

My idea here is to also give the defenders points.

Example: The attacker flies to a base that gives him 100 points. The attacker destroys 90% of the base, so he gets 100 points.
In the following flight against the same base, however, a defender is present, which effectively prevents the attack, it will be destroyed only 63%. Here, the attacker does not receive the full 100 points, but only 50 (only one numerical example, exact information unknown). Now, the defender should receive the difference between the 100 possible points and the actual score reached, 50, of the attacker, in this case 50 points.
This procedure should be applied to all attacks (Normal Attack, Super Attack, Wildfire and Mega), as well as the use of Inner Fire.

The idea behind it is that the defenses in PvPs have more influence because they are sometimes neglected and it is often not a player-vs-player in a PvP event, but rather a player-vs- “normal base”.


PS: I am well aware that there are people to whom their (mega) attacks are sacred and who therefore will talk this idea dead.
Nevertheless, I ask for a harmonious discussion without any insult - thanks

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Considering when someone loses on your base and you get 3 rubies and 2200 something medals, I doubt that the points would attribute against a super, wildfire, or mega.

However, I do think it’s a nice idea to have the defender receive points. The question is if the points will go to the person who’s base was attacked or their teammate who defended?

Does everyone get points? So 150 to the team you’re hitting because you had 3 defenders, but only a 100 would go to you.

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True, I did not pay attention to the distribution among several defenders.
In this case, it would be possible to divide up to the attending defenders - from the example corresponding to 50 points in three defenders then makes 16 points (fractional digits disregarded).

I would not be against defence getting more rewards. HOWEVER I am very very much against making the game anymore “be on 24/7” when specific stuff happens.

Wars, atlas raids and full scale assaults, this stuff can need people to defend round the clock. It’s a huge time sink just waiting for something to react to that might not happen. Attacks are active. You can choose when to do them. You do not have to wait for another thing to occur (yes timing can be important but it isn’t required for gameplay).

So while I would love anything to encourage more defending. Those runs are so much more enjoyable. I am just very wary of what requirements can spring from this. Especially if it’s a regular event


Let’s be honest: how many people play this game several hours a day? And certainly during the PvP events!
I think it’s an ambitious factor to not only get expenses or minimum rewards for the shot-down dragon, but also points for successful defending.

I agree too that defense should get points if the defense is a success but there should be additional points for the attacker if he wins against the defense. Like x2 for every defender joins in. :man_facepalming:


And then, in addition, the multiplier of the Inner Fire? This is too much.
1.2x for one, 1.4x for two and 1.6x for three defenders seems to me to be more appropriate, if any.

Or defender should also used enrgy pack to defend like any attacker to score points. Wildfire for wild fire. Super attack for super attack. Mega coin for mega coin :man_shrugging:

So the defenses should also cost energy? This then greatly reduces the willingness to go into a defense.

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Or just don’t defend and let everyone get their points without having to spend extra RSS. Always remember, during PvP, the real enemy is PG. :wink:


I quite like this or a variant of this idea.

My suggestion mostly being that in PVP events the whole amount of the points on each attack must be attributed.

So, for example, If an attack is worth 100 points and the attacker wins with 100% destruction, they get all the points. If they lose with 0% the defending base gets 100% of the points and if it’s somewhere in between it’s somewhere in between.

This then gets scaled up to Supers and Megas making it worthwhile defending in PVP events.

p.s. I actually hate people who defend during PVPs


I like this idea. I’m all for people getting more involved in defense…

But if something like this was implemented. We need to have a little increase in defense resources… as I’m always drained on hammers :woman_shrugging:

And lose the rating points for the team to descend? Seriously?

Um, ok, have literally one war and get them back. Geez.


I do not know in which league you play. However, this is not so easy in the league of my clan, “just to win a war”.

Sapphire 3. What league are you?

We vary between sapphire I and II.

Come on down to S3 and have an easy pvp :stuck_out_tongue:


For this the team is too ambitious :wink: