Defense joins - Battle full with only 2?

Why is it that some defenses can have 3 defenders and others say full with only 2?

Base owner can defend with two others. If owner doesn’t defend, it’s full at 2.

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See I thought that might be it but I just experienced a defense on my own base where I was one defender, and another team mate was a 2nd defender, and my alt could not get in, said full. So base owner + 1 other = full sometimes?

:thinking: odd. I don’t have an alt so I’ve not experienced that. Can’t opine there. :eyes: i’ll Spy to see the answer lol

Hmmm. For me it’s the owner + 2 defenders so idk what happened with you

If the base owner is the first person to join the defense, it’ll allow one more person to join.

If the base owner joins second, the room locks.

If there are two people in the room, the base owner can join as the third person.

(Hopefully that made sense, yikes)


Thanks for that information.

It makes sense in that it fully explains the effect that I have been witnessing.

From a game play perspective it makes very little sense, but thats’ hardly surprising in this game. :slight_smile:

@pgjared and @pgmichael, is this intended?

It should always allow two outsiders and the owner, it’s probably a new bug due to the banner changes. Owner of the base should not count to fill his own defence banner.
I’m adding this to your comment @Lutrus , I think it’s a very good question.

I don’t think is intended. I’ll i’ve filed a ticket for a QA to take a quick look. Once we verify that it is an issue i’ll add it as a ticket to fix in the upcoming milestone.

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Good please look at it - when defending yesterday there were always only myself and another in the defence even though we had >15 players on. Was frustrating to say the least!

It’s really hard to hold back when you see “defend yourself” lol :see_no_evil:
Glad this is getting looked at

Figured it out.

Intended behavior should be…
Active defender should always be able to join a Defense. This means that regardless of when the active defender joins the defense two additional defenders should be able to join the defense as long as the battle invite in the preview stays active and the battle has no fully closed.

The new banner with the room status revealed a bug which has been happening since the creation of War Dragons where the order of when players join matters and a room could only have two defenders depending on when the defender joined.

The Fix…
In the future 4.15 release. The room status will still show x/2 room capacity in where the active defender does not take a slot. An active defender will always be able to defend their own base.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!


Thanks for getting this fixed!

That’s awesome you identified and have a fix for the problem! The only issue I can see with the solution is that the active defenders teammates won’t be able to see if he’s defending himself or not, which matters a lot in waves, where a couple people make sure there are no 0/2 banners floating through. Is there a 0/3 possibility or perhaps like a green dot or a red dot to the right of the 0/2 counter indicating whether the active defender is in the defense?


Totally agree with you here Lutrus. We first wanted to solve the immediate bug at hand which is definitely affecting battle/war defenses. I’ve added it to our backlog for the team to continue to think about player interactions with battle invites etc. I know you also had some great ideas around creating a lobby type system, we’ll continue to talk and iterate on some of those thoughts.

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