Defense Log Broken

I been fighting this since August 2017. Have made multiple tickets over the months. Is there Any word if it’s gonna be fixed soon? It’s very frustrating.

apologies if i tag this incorrect i don’t post much here.


I’m not sure what’s broken about it? Looks like my defense log on Android 🤷

For me (on Android) the issue is that you can only see the last defense. I didn’t even realise you’re supposed to be able to see all your defenses until I saw a screenshot from someone on an iPhone.

I can see multiple if I click on the little black banners that appear on my base and I’m on Android. Can’t watch multiple replays but can see who attacked me. I can revenge two by NOT picking the most recent (since that one can still be accessed through the regular replay tab) but no more than two unless I note the name and send message then attack from sent. Not usually worth the hassle.

For me those appear maybe one time out of ten, and disappear pretty quickly. The normal log should really have more than one entry in it. I’ve got no idea why the list in the screenshot and the one behind the little black banner are different like that, the one behind the banner is much better.

It’s an Android thing. My iPhone and iPad show all replays. (Max 8)

It’s not just Android. I have an iPhone (used to have a 6S and just updated to an 8) and I can only see my last attack.

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On 6S or 8?

Both. It wasn’t working on the 6S and it’s still not working now that I’ve upgraded to the 8.

Eh, don’t know then. PG should really not loom over this problem then, cause I’d like to revenge all 8 if offline.

mine used to, that’s what im saying. since August it hasn’t.

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