Defense number mechanics

Okay so I have a QQ does that defense # matter? For example my 220k defense does better than my girls base at 300k i will take out 2 out of 3 dragons and she will normally only take out 1. What is the mechanism behind these numbers!?

Those numbers are irrelevant. Don’t bother looking. Look at actual tower levels instead.


That’s what I thought man I appreciate it!

There’s no basis for the defense power numbers. Typically you have three different defense powers (the one on your island screen, the one when someone else looks at your player card, and the third being when someone else goes into the attack screen against you.)

Even with three numbers, they are all wrong because of how towers scale. 35 level 10 archers may produce a higher “power” than 5 level 25 archers, but the short base with higher leveled towers is harder to kill.

The reason being that with weak towers, a dragon can make better use of its spells. For instance an equestor could use thunderbolt to wipe out a Long Island or weak towers quickly, while against the strong towers, it might not kill them, meaning the dragon starts taking hits.

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