Defense points in normal attacks when war?


Some sad the normal attack still let the defense team get a defense point when two teams are at war. Is it true?


Yes, unless the person being attacked has already been 5 flamed.


Thank you so much!!


I would’ve sworn I’ve read patch notes at some points claiming to have fixed this, but I can’t find them anywhere…


I once revenged after being attacked and it counted as war attack even though I didn’t use the war screen. I was surprised.


It still counts revenges too. And my team wonders why I ask them not to revenge, unless they know who they’re revenging and it’s for a quest.


They fixed the atlas attacks counting towards war attacks/defenses! Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?


:face_with_monocle: So even Diamond teams can make mistakes and be too feisty :joy:


Diamond? :eyes:


Diamond? Where :eyes:


Must be confusing you with someone else… I’m tired today :sweat_smile:


That must’ve been it. So normal attacks still counting then, good to know :grin:


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