Defense points in Wars



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so. i’m new . play game of war, art conquest m war & peace. so forth n so on​:joy::joy: this game is great,. always action & strategy, its not just building, research, etc and fight some between level up chores :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. i create clan Sky Assassins & current power #


darn message posted before was done. we #1 in silver 3 league. 2 weeks old. so all should defend as one to stop attacks. multiple defenders are best. i think i might not be doing it right. i hold down tower , cannon, farm etc & think it’s charging as see meter go down but amount of swords, etc stays same. shouldn’t as i use the amount i have decreases. tnx​:facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:


you need to drag it and drop it on the towers you want to boost.


Best thing would be if defenders were given 1 def point for each dragon killed besides the default def point. This would make things interesting !


Or it would just make people swap before they die?


The def points are fine, they are a great determining factor for activity and strategy as long as they fixed pre war strikes, if it aint broke dont fix it…


Is there a way for an initial flag for a defender joining and a finishing flag for a defender still present and then conditionally determine if defense points shall be given?

If attacker quits during war, defense still gets a point due to initial flag being set
If attacker quits during pre-war, defense does not get a point due to initial flag being set out of war time
If defense quits during war, defense does not get a point because both flags aren’t set
If defense quits during pre-war, defense does not get a point because both flags aren’t set
If defense joins and the second flag is set after the start of war (for a pre-war attack) then defense gets a point for staying the entire duration.

I’m not 100% sure how airplane mode would affect the setting of these join flags, but isn’t this at least a possibility to solve most of your issues?


Then aren’t attackers just going to stall and run 3-5 dragons as slowly as possible to force defenders to stay for a long time or risk losing their defense point?


Why would someome swap at the end in a war attack ? To give the other team def points ? No way ! For each swap or killed dragon, the defending team should get a def point. With this approach you ensure defenders stay during the attack all the way. And yeah, this would change the strategy of the attackers.


Why would you run 5 dragons on a war attack? Just curious.

And what is wrong with that being a strategy to be honest? We do it currently to try and keep defenders in the defenses so others can hit them


I agree with you personally. Just being in a battle and hitting a tower and running shouldn’t be enough. This is war. I feel like defense points should be given for dropping drags (ea drag) winning defense (Less than 70%). This hit and run just plainly is stupid. Think about it… who truly wins wars in the real world? People who run or people who stay and fight. Just my opinion.


If your attack failed your goal would then switch to stall the enemy as long as possible. I don’t want to sit there and watch knowing that they’re gonna have to go again. Personally I don’t think that’s fun at all. There’s enough waiting in wars already :frowning:
With the current system you can generally leave once you’ve either stopped a 5 flame or determined the def can’t be saved. I’m not a fan of the current “participation point” system but it’s less tedious than this would be


Yeah that is fair.
Then maybe make a condition that if less than 5 flames are achieved in a run then only the initial flag is required to give a defense point.

The good thing about a double flag system is the flexibility it gives the devs for how they want to award and adjust points they give.



Idk if im understanding correct but seems like yall are asking for more work :thinking: …i dont understand the problem because its pretty well balanced from my view, both teams have exact same opportunity.


I suggest the following.

IF A DEFENDER IS PRESENT, A defense point is earned for Each Dragon the attacker brings into battle (death of the dragon is not important ). Also note that whether or not the defense is successful does not factor into points, although a successful defense gives the opportunity to gain more points.

Unfortunately, the heavy spenders with obsidian dragons would be favored but i am not sure that is any different now.


I really opened a can of worms :joy::joy: what us pts difference in your dragon getting killed or swap. i tell my clan to swap out right before killed on heath meter. in defense i wait until see defeat before i leave.


i believe that to get a defense point you should have to kill a dragon not just show up


It would be a shame if the attacker dragon were to swap then before it died, eh? Unlimited tries, no def points given: does that sound fun to you?


but getting defense points for just showing up is not right either. to hop on an attack and hop off and on another is not right either