Defense Power and Base Levels

The consensus around the forum is that defense power is a pointless stat, but there are some team leaders that beg to differ and insist that if you are at this level then you should have this defense power. If it is so important to team leaders of the Platinum II and higher leagues, then I assume there is a spreadsheet that they are going off of that tells them what defense power a player should have at specific levels. If there is one, then I’d like to see it.

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More than defense power, it’s tower level (+ gears)
tl,dr. Build up, and you’re good :wink:


If a team has a requirement for defense power then it’s time to find a new team.


Defense power needs to be interpreted along with base layout and tower levels. But if it’s half the number that other people of the same level have that’s just not a strong base, the number isn’t that meaningless.


To a point, but if a level 450 with 1b defense power applies I’m going to say “no, thanks”.


that’s some shitty #. :x


You need to see, that at that level with event boost, normal boost and gears, it can be good over 10B.

The key is… to look how to be able to make a base better. Often people have no idea what really a good build is.
Thanks to the new features, every base can be made better… but the person have to play with system over a whole season aswell.

If you have similar issues, you can ask for advises here. I am sure you can grew stronger then.
Every person made mistakes at the beginning until learning… And nothing is perfect, but can get better mostly.


I think it’s quite possible to have a base with a high DP that’s still bad. But I don’t think it’s possible to have a base with a low DP that’s really good.

The DP number certainly isn’t everything, layout and tower selection are also quite important, but if it’s too low a base is simply not going to work no matter how well built otherwise, at some point the tower levels or the gear are simply not good enough to stop equal-tier dragons.


That is true, surely the base design and the combination of towers are a keystone to be able to shot a dragon down,… and if the gear is one of the highest, the chance to match up is even better.

The advantage beside many failures from past is the tower transformation… Because even if its a higher level who build up too large, there is a good chance to be able to fix it in a way, to get a small and strong base… at least for the structure…
Then the only thing is to plan and play for a good rider + gear to max out in short time.

I had that kind of people too, who came in but had a bad base at the high level…
But with help and advises they was able to get the curve arround.

So for the people here something should be more important than complaining… (!!!), and that would be to ask for support and look what there can be done to a better base.
Sadly even friends who dont listen, used for example normal tower to upgrade a flak… that is very bad, thats why we need to tell before things are being bad.

edit: afterall i even saw people with level 520+++ with only 6x towers… everyone can understand that this kind of a base is a piece of cake… compared to other 520++ with max towers over 3-4 islandparts.



There are issues if a player with a weak base is in a team who wants to be active in many cases.

For example, if a high level player have a bad base… its not only a issue for wars…
The real issue is in PvP events, because other teams look out where they get good points versus a easy base… And surely that is not what a team would like to have… that it get attacked too much, and loose there good position.

Being bad is not a issue at all… but staying bad without trying to do it better is a argument for teams, to dislike some situation.
If you dont know how to make it better, just ask in forum … i mean here you find more experts , than in your team and friends area probably.


Something like weak gear is easy improvable, thats why I always look at the towerlevel and layout of applicants even if the stats are bad.


I’m level 154. So what should my defense power be at?


An easier way will be posting your base layout :wink:




According to this page, should be around lv 41 kill island.
Also, need to upgrade Perch at #3 to lv 31.

Dont waste your energy building many flaks, if you cant upgrade them to your max state…

instead of it, its healthier to only upgrade your 2 flaks, until you have more ressources for a third one.
If you havent even embers for 2 flaks, only build one up, and use your timer for the other weapons which are obtainable with lumber, like canon.

If your small island is your kill island, you should build there your strongest 3 weapons with 2 mages in your example.
But of yourse, there are people who build all on the long island before and in front at the small island mages, or as you did.


Yep looks like the base is ahead of breeding, no platinum builder hut yet. I’d slow down your base until your builder hut and towers catch up with your level. Ideally you’ll have your kill island towers always at the maximum for your level.

And 7 flaks is about 5 too many to sustain, unless out intend to throw a big pile of money at the game. And then it’s still 3 too many.


His Builder Hut is level 25, thats enough for level 41 weapons normally…

Probably his ressources dont are enough to go higher with the flaks.
In that case he should NOT act himself, and ask for help , telling him the best way to go forward.

And of yourse… dont build large, build at first your first weapons to a max state, then the others…
NOT NOW, when the fortification event is alive, to earn prizes too …@MasterxCadence

Probably since this breed.

ALL his towers are 35 or lower, at gold hut level. It seems unlikely he didn’t level his mages because he’s out of embers.

Yes and thats why he probably waste the embers he has for points on the other smaller flaks…
That should be stopped, and for a better view, he could open his standing for us… how much fire shards, ice shards and so on he had…

@MasterxCadence can you tell what you are trying to do there ?