Defense Power Calculation

Can someone at PG please explain how this is calculated?

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Nope :joy::joy::joy:

Whelp they specifically use fairy dust, so the only explanation is magic. Which is also the technical reason.

I think Gox had it on lockdown actually.

Here is what I know

  1. You can have different numbers on player info page, the attack screen, and locally.
  2. When looking at your own player profile it never shows you what others see, but the real numbers you see
  3. Some buffs are applied to public facing, but not all. The personal numbers should factor all in which is why they are higher
  4. Research (at least some) improves (or did improve) the public facing numbers
  5. I believe public facing numbers omitted one of the tower buffs (like the attack buffs did not increase public numbers but defense did)
  6. The player profile page is lagged usually. If I enable buffs it won’t be reflected for a while. The attack screen and public profile numbers usually will match if you don’t change anything for long enough. (Or used to)
  7. There may be a way to update your defense that doesn’t trigger profile update. For some reason my public profile has shown like 600-800m for a long time. But the attack screen is 1.4b and my private screen is 2b. I think it’s caused by atlas armor… or just broken.

I think that’s basically it.


That’s right then, I guess.

No I mean like an ACTUAL calculation…for all we know theyre just making numbers up based on what they ate for lunch? Hmm…today is mac and cheese, I decided that we will make dark flaks decrease by 20%…


When hey buffed towers the def power for ur base didn’t change a bit😂

Odd that the defense power wouldn’t increase if the towers AP increased.

Also I believe that a lvl 63 ballista adds the same amount of def power as a lvl 63 dark flak…don’t know if that was mentioned

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This is an unreasonable request. I mean, how is ANYONE, let alone PG, supposed to know how these numbers magically appear? The DP elf riding on his bicycle determines the DP by how fast he rides. Sometimes he rides fast, sometimes slow. :man_shrugging: And apparently the elf is more excited about a ballista than a flak


Each tower data table has a column which is for defense power it will add to your base. They sum all of these numbers up after each is separately multiplied by all of the relevant buffs (research, runes, rider, gear, perch, +30%, etc)

I have very little faith in the DP table numbers since they never give an accurate value for which tower it is. As noted above a L63 ballista is identically equal to a L63 flak of any type so while it may be a good measure of tower levels, it doesn’t necessarily reflect overall base difficulty. If the base however is the same layout as another or mostly similar, the numbers actually do show proportionally better or worse bases

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I am pretty sure they are much more arbitrary than that…

It’s the elf. I’m telling u.

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Yes… But these power level numbers of which you speak… Where do they come from? What do they mean?

Do you see any kind of pattern or consistency? Maybe a relationship between AP and HP and SA (super shot)?

If you throw in range and during duration does it work then?

What does this number that we all use to gauge a base (at least a little) even mean? You know you won’t be soloing a 5.5B defense base, even if the design is not great.

If it has no correlation too the actual values of the tower, then couldn’t it be whatever PG wanted it to be?

Same (almost) questions for dragon power level…

I have pondered these numbers a great deal. But maybe your maths are better than mine. :man_shrugging:

I have not found defense numbers of a base comparable so how they are calculated.,

I have seen bases use all 8 islands and other use a mere 3 islands and both have the same defense numbers at similar levels. Since the short base would be more challenging to clear than that long base it seems to be the defense numbers provide little value.

No calculated value afaik

It can’t simply be calculated if it’s the same in each tower for each level, so it seems it’s literally just scaled based on tower level and that’s it.

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My questions were rhetorical. :rofl:

I already know the answer.

Being in plat is funny; down here, people actually have this childlike faith that the numbers mean something.

“I’ll back you”
“Ok, how high”
“Anything under 50M defense”
“Right, because if it was 60M, their ballistas would form an impassable wall?”

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It’s not like it means nothing. It does provide a meaningful upward boundary, it’s just that the higher the numbers the greater the difference between a good base and a terrible base. You can successfully find numbers that safely box in your capabilities.

I think we would all like to see these numbers be more meaningful to the current situation.

Between tower level and skill, you can’t really correlate a dragon attack rating and a defense rating.

If these numbers were improved, I think more meaningful competition would be easier to achieve. But until then you just gotta learn how to read the layout. And honestly you need the defense number to guestimate the significance of their atlas defensive rider.

It’s not quite nothing, but remember that down here, everyone who’s building well should have a short base, and the calculations for defense power show long bases to be much more powerful than short ones. It’d be a lot more meaningful to say, e.g., “highest tower level 45,” or (the less detailed, yet still more meaningful bound) “under level 175.”


Agreed but it’s currently the only way to determine atlas rider buffs.

You can see the runes by visually matching them (they don’t impact that much anyways and you can’t tell how leveled the runes are)

You can’t see research but you can assume maxed for some bases.

You can look at perches and dragons on them. And you can see if there is a rider. But at most you can see there is a myhic warrior with runes or whatever. And recognize which atlas rider to a degree.

So if you generally know the power of a short base without an atlas rider at a tower level you can tell how much was added and know what you are in for. As far as I know this is the only way to gauge this other than actually attacking and judging by how many hits a tower takes to die or how much damage you can survive.

So very much not useless. It’s just not something you can assume more is better

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