Defense power dropping

Why is it that the more I upgrade the more I notice my defense is falling more and more :confused: defense dropped over 60M after upgrades


Is one of your towers upgrading? Because that will drop your DP until it finishes. Also DP is pretty irrelevant, it’s just a made up number that doesnt mean much and fluctuates as you move stuff around. What matters are your towers and your gear


Same here, but it is a known bug and they told me to wait till my base boost and tower boosts expire, only after that to store all my towers then place them back and then to check if something was really wrong with this fort. Suffice to say, I only upgraded att towers.
Of course, the ticket is closed because they consider it solved

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That’s never made a difference to base defence before.

I’ve also noticed power drops after gear upgrades on the dragons.

But this is PG. nothing surprises me anymore,

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