Defense power not increased after upgrades

Just to understand if this issue is happening to me and few other mates in the team.
My boosted base had 174M defense power before last fortification event. During event I’ve basically upgrade:

  1. dark flake towers from lvl 49 to 51
  2. storm tower from 48 to 50
  3. a fire tower from 36 to 38
    Few others

My overall defense power has just hit 176M in boosted conditions!

From data in internet about tower powers (amoeba for example) I was expecting to gain about 20M def power if I did correct calculation.

I’ve opened a ticket and followed all trial given but no resolution

Last upgrade gave 0 def increase, conforming there is a sort of bug.

Latest app upgrade didn’t solve it.

Any comments or help?

Defense power is broken in many ways, shapes, and forms. Don’t stress about it.

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My base defense power shown actually changes according to the mood its in.


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