Defense rider buffs


Two questions on defense riders (couldn’t find answers anywhere else):

  1. Do defense rider buffs apply to all towers on base or just those on specific perch island?
  2. Will defense rider buffs be removed when perch gets killed (like totem buff)?

  1. They apply to the whole base.
  2. No the buffs are not removed after the rider dies as far as I know.

P.S. People kill my Perch last as it is on the first short islands so I am not sure about “2”.


It has been reiterated multiple times by PG that it doesn’t go away, so I’m quite certain it isn’t supposed to.

I don’t think the buffs are significant enough to easily confirm by testing without a side-by-side or the same attacker with the same dragon.


You are correct (both of you :))


Thanks guys, highly appreciated


Oh and question #3:
Since there no perches on atlas bases - will defense rider buffs apply there?


Perches due soon. Cannot actually test it sorry


If I remember correctly they said the perches were missing in atlas due to a bug/glitch/mistake or something and was not on purpose.

I believe we were assured they actually still did what they said they did (not even specific to the rider) even though we couldn’t see them.

But I don’t have time to test it either




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