Defense rider question

anyone seeing that construction times dont change with or without defensive rider?


I don’t think it changes the times of already-upgrading buildings. Not 100% sure though. :t_rex:


They don’t.


Like Lutrus mention earlier, you have to have the time boost activated on perch before you do the upgrade.

I tested this while rider is on perch and upgrade the perch. It reduce the time as expected even while upgrading, the rider get off perch.

dawn say that again i didnt follow?

does it effect whole base or do u i have to start build on perch islandp

not discrediting u dawn…but im pretty with my team reports construction reduction is not working

pretty sure*

I can’t attest to the defensive atlas rider’s construction reduction as of this moment. I took mine off when it was overriding the atlas rider’s buff, even though it wasn’t as good. But when it was on yesterday, my time was reduced by 27% (20% from research + 7% from the seasonal rider). I took the rider off and just had my atlas rider on the other perch and everything went back to 32% and it’s still there (20% + 12% normal rider reduction if you have it trained that far)

Unfortunately I delete the picture. I put -7% on the perch level 18. I will describe the picture: I have perch upgrade say “6 day 7 hours” and next to it is a sword picture with 26%, saying reduce time will be (1 day 16 hour) (note: I upgrade the same perch that the rider is on)
I hit the button upgrading and the time show: 4 day 16 hour
With the power of math, I assume this is working
total: 6x24 + 7 = 151 hour
with 20% reduce: 151 - 151x20% = 120.8 hour (5 day 1 hour)
with 26% reduce: 151 - 151x26% = 111.74hour (4 day 16 hour)

and the rider debuff time was not exactly 6%, it was 5. something

Your perch isn’t 30. Thus it’s going to have a reduced construction buff.


You can see the .X decimal place when you look at your perch stats. It shows one decimal place for the boosts.

I know, it is there but I dont remember the exact number. I just know it wasnt close to 6%

What level is your perch?

She said it was 18


Then it’s going to be like 75-80% of the total buff ish.

There is a bug

The construction buff across all Perches is supposed to use the better number of them, so if you have the 12% and the 7% you should have 12%

Unfortunately the bug causes it to choose the worst number so the presence of the new rider will reduce your 12% to 7% (Assuming maxed atlas defender is also there)

And as mech said the percentages are scaled down even more if the perch is less than level 30

Is this ever gonna be fixed ? Wasting timers or not using him after you spend sigils to get him kinda sucks …

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