Defense stuff in bronze chests

What’s the purpose of getting all this defense stuff out of the bronze chests, if they don’t work, especially against the divine dragons and some of the higher level dragons as well. I use this defense stuff to try and protect my teammate’s bases, but what’s the point when these dragons just obliterate a base anyway. Players on my team don’t even bother to defend each other’s bases because the defense stuff doesn’t work. It’s a complete waste of time on the part of getting this stuff in the bronze chests, and a complete waste of time to figure them into the percentages of the chests. Their just fillers. It would be great to have these defense items have more power to either slow the dragons down, or completely knock them down.

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Get some better bases?


Impossible to have everyone with perfect bases for this to take affect. Not all bases are the same for the different levels of players.

I think you could really take the initiative on making better bases then :slightly_smiling_face:

I would make it much shorter (first 3 islands) and cut it down to two or three flaks. and store the whole lightning island.


Our team is working on bettering our bases but that still doesn’t change the fact that the defense stuff is useless.

I always need more defense items. I definitely would not waste them defending a bad base, but when the base is strong they help. Surely you can see that when you attack strong bases sometimes?

There may be some levels where dragons just dominate, but if you work on your base and defense gear you can defend against a lot of dragons.

e: attack someone your level who has level 44-49 towers instead of 25-35. See whether it isn’t tougher, regardless of the DP number. The DP number is a very poor reflection of actual strength. Your extra towers aren’t making your base substantially stronger, it’s your highest level towers that challenge dragons. Put 5 good high level towers together and keep making them (and them exclusively) higher and you will start shooting down more dragons.


Right, and then my defense numbers drop a lot. So even if a teammate was to try and defend my base, they would lose out. Heck, even trying to defend my own base is hard enough with very limited success. I watch the replays, and try to utilize where I can make it stronger.

yes, and it would take time to get them back up again, but how your base is right now is clearly not working for you. I messaged you in game to look at your base, mine is a good setup for what it should eventually look like (except with bigger numbers and probably more flaks). the sooner you fix your base, the easier it will get to defend it.


I just defended my base and for the first time knocked down a shogroth, hyaku, and ember. It happened because I finally figured out how to use the defense stuff more effectively.

My alts base is a short base and it defends itself well against many attacks.

I spend a lot of my game time just researching base design and then looking at bases that kick my dragons to the curb.

It actually does exactly that. Defense items make all the difference on a strong base. In fact I would argue that hammers are a bit too strong and could do with some downtuning.

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Perhaps a slightly longer cooldown on the client side to reduce hammer spam. Frustrating to watch 3 defenders drop 30 of them in a few seconds. Some days it feels like they are botting when hammers get dropped that fast.

I was thinking something like making the heal a fast heal-over-time, so multiple hammers dropped at the same time won’t stack, just like shields and swords don’t stack.

But that would make triple defended a lot more similar to single defended, and would need some base-retuning to work. Would make the huge gap between undefended and defended a bit smaller though, which I think is not a bad thing.


When I attack 44-49 lvls, they knock my dragons right down, no matter which one I use. I do have Sho’groth, but not leveled up enough to take out a fly, lol!

Please, please, internalize what henfon said: defense numbers are a poor reflection of actual strength. What has been said here is correct: tower level matters more, as does setup (and good gear, which it doesn’t look like you have; if people attacking you have nicely geared dragons, your base won’t be able to stop them anyway, unfortunately).

For reference, when I was your level my base was close to the same (one island shorter, and the defense number showed ~13M dp). A teammate finally convinced me to shorten it up because, like yours, it was a piñata base. And defense items will never help on a piñata base :sweat_smile: I didn’t want to, but he seemed to know what he was talking about, so I shortened it up to a less, uh, creative setup, and focused on leveling my five kill towers exclusively. Somewhat counterintuitively, my base did in fact start killing more dragons after a bit! It takes a little time, but is totally worth salvaging!


Another big player ask that has been ignored for years. Willing to bet this isn’t even on their radar.
I like the HOT idea, but that would require more adjustments than just a bigger cool down and more work for PG. An side benefit is that it might make warriors more viable.

Does the GPF maintain a priority list of requested updates/fixes/features? Something PG could reference as a living document on projects to start?

I agree that I’d much rather see towers stronger and hammers tuned downed. Tightening what happens between undefended and defended would certainly be a good thing over all. Maybe even a bump to perch HP and lowered hammer healing.

What do you mean by nicely equipped dragons?

The gear you can craft in the forge that you equip to riders bonded to dragons (either offensive riders, or defensive ones). People with nice gear (or even mediocre gear) on their attacking dragon have a significant advantage against a base that doesn’t have any/not very good gear.


I have Portia bonded to Jarl I think it is and she has all the gear except the shield. I’ve had riders bonded to dragons that I’m using, but recently found out that they should have gear, so I’ve been working on that too.

Gear takes time but it increases the power of your dragons (and base in the case of a rider on your perch dragon) tremendously.

Honestly I want more shields and hammers all the time, though I think some should come from atlas because atlas requires so many.