Defense weapons in wars


Would love to see defense weapons sold separately in packs of 10! And to see more power added to swords. I can throw them all day showing very little damage to drags.


They don’t stack. One per island is the max.


Mine always work when i throw multiples.


Is it the same with shields


Yes one per island until they expire (if you throw them too soon, they expire).

Hammers you can spam away though


Oh thats ok i thought they meant one per island for duration of defence thanks Gox1201 for clarification


About the only thing that has an impact are hammers. Shields don’t do anything as far as I can tell. Attackers still melt towers even with the shield thrown on. Sword is harder to tell but it ‘feels’ like it does boost attack a bit.

Anyone know the boost ratio for these defence buffs?


Shield adds 25 percent health
Sword adda 55 percent dmg
Hammer heals 45 percent

Super hammers? Where do I get these?

Swords don’t do anything! They suck. And yes, want packs and packs of hammers!


Are you sure :joy::rofl:. Have you flown against lv50+ towers with shield and swords falling down with just Hau at his final stage? I’m pretty sure those work as intended :roll_eyes:


I agree completely on being able to purchase individual defense weapons. 1000 shields, 800 swords and 0 hammers right now…


Yes please, forging hammers non stop and cannot keep up with the demand I have for them.


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