Defensive Drops

I’ve noticed there’s no great way to get hammers, armors, and gunpowders in the season branches. These are pretty critical for helping to successfully defend a base so I’m kind of surprised. I know a lot of people have run low or completely out of hammers in particular. I propose having these in the base boost branch and create a new column for them. There’s two columns for timers, so i suggest they be combined into one column and then the sigil price would double to make up for it, and then in the new blank column would be an option to choose hammers, gunpowders, or armors. I’ve attached an image to help demonstrate. The blue arrow demonstrates where the timers in the red column would go, and then in the now blank red column, we have hammers, armors, and gunpowders put in; you would be able to choose from either 3 for each collection.

Or just increase all types of chests’ drops of the said three by 10 folds. :grin:

i would share my 15003 hammers with you if i could lol

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Absolutely not, defense items should never cost sigils and do not belong in the seasonal lines. Instead they should increase the amount for each drop from a chest and massively increase the rewards for defeating dragons when defending. Or just send everyone 10,000 of each when a new season starts along with the 500 sigil gift.


No thanks, always have plenty of those. Can’t use what I get and that’s being very active in atlas providing castle defence. Love doing hammer spam on pokers! Truth be told monarch tier makes it mostly a waste of time.

How is that even possible? I go down like 500-1000 a week.

I’m probably not as lucky as you. I would only use about 200 - 300 a week of each. When I open al my chests week 1 My inventory will be inflated again. I haven’t dropped below 5k of each in two seasons . The atlas wide bubbles every two week’s sees to that

I’d have to agree about not wanting to waste sigils on those. You can get a decent amount if you open enough chests and you can craft them in the forge.