Defensive Gear: +20% Tower HP at max level... What?

So I saw this as a prize for Ice Defensive Gear… “Fridgid Elite Cuirass” … +20% Tower HP at max level

What does that mean exactly? Are all towers being buffed an additional +20%? Only the highest levels get the buff? So if I have 15 towers and they are all level 50 except for 3 which are level 60, do the level 60’s only get the +20% buff???

… it means that when you max the gear, it gives a 20% buff to the 15 towers in the perch radius.

So the gear basically doesn’t come maxed, but does give some additional buff, is that correct?

That is correct :+1:t3:

Working on a new Rider Gear table for everybodies use :slight_smile:

Anybody have any more stats to help? Only need one screenshot of each style to figure out the scaling since its linear and gives 3 values (current, next level, max)

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