Defensive rider and gear question

As a player still far away from Atlas access, I’m quite excited by the new seasonal defensive rider.

Since I’ve never seen one yet, I want to ask people with Atlas what the current defensive rider and gear look like, just to have an idea what I could expect. I’ve heard about a 12% construction time discount, I think that’s just a rider property, or does gear boost that as well? And what other kind of tower/base boosts do the rider and gear have?

Rider Gear Boost only Tower HP and Tower Damage
Construction Bonus is just rider bonus.

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Yep pretty much 12% discount, if you have around a lvl 30ish rider

Gear wise it varies, depending on how much you spent ofc,

I think the base stats from full common set to full legendary with full upgrades is probably somewhere around 10% attack / 10% defense to 80% attack/80% defense - for the area the perch covers

(sort of thumb sucking a bit here, I’m sure I’m off a bit on the lower values)

It will be interesting to see what PG does

  • A fully levelled rider (to get the discount), is probably worth a good $300 worth of troops, and maybe another $150 or so of levelling stones;
  • A full set of upgraded (legendary) is upwards of $5k
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Thanks for the info guys! So gear is always just a flat attack/hp bonus to all towers in the perch area, with percentages the same as attack rider gear. With the atlas boost, I’d expect the season rider to be something like 15%, maybe 20%.

What does the existing defense-rider have in their skill tree, other than the construction bonus? Also some attack/hp boost I presume, anything else?

It’s mostly buffs to individual tower types for the Atlas rider itself, not generic ones

Ah never mind, just found out how I can see the rider skills in game for the atlas riders.

For reference, the skill tree options for the atlas rider are:

  • Increase all tower hp
  • Increase tower attack
  • Decrease research time
  • Increase Archer hp
  • Increase Red Mage hp
  • Increase lightning tower attack
  • Decrease building upgrade time
  • Increase lumber production
  • Increase food production
  • Increase Ice Turret HP
  • Increase Cannon Attack
  • Increase Storm Tower HP
  • Increase Fire Turret Attack

Will be interesting to see what they will do with the season rider. Really really hope the building upgrade time one is they same or better…

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