Defensive rider levelling

Hello guys. I know the defensive rider gains glory when hes on a perch and get attacked and also i can place him on a dragon which i use to gain glory in atlas by attacking. The question is if it has too much influence on my glory gain if i put him on a different dragon (other than my main dragon) and then i swap during an atlas run. So how much using two dragons decrease the glory gain on primarch, on riders and total? Please explain it with a few numbers :pray:

you can place on dragons and hit with it lol just because its a defense rider does not mean only have to perch it and who knows the glory you will get always best to bring a backer

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Best way is to do a guard or glory swap and put him on the dragon you attack with. All atlas riders gain glory in the same way, doesnt matter if they’re offensive or defensive. The only difference is the boosts in their skill tree. Just make sure that she is the only rider you use in the attack. If you use more than one dragon make sure they dont have any other riders equipped.

I got Kasima and had her maxed the same day after doing some atlas attacks

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I tought i was clear at question. How much to swap during an atlas attack and finish with two dragons effect the glory that the two riders got from that attack? I don’t like to ask for help more and more from my team because i am a lower level and trying to see if can manage to do it myself.

it would be a few runs they can back you on dont need constant right now is double glory i would go do as posted above and get guards from swaps then you can do yourself with 1 dragon

As long as there is only one rider on the dragons you use, you can use up to 3 dragons and still get max glory for the one rider that was in the battle. As soon as you have more than one rider in the battle, the glory xp gets split evenly between them (even if one rider is maxed out on glory, or is a seasonal rider from main game events—which aren’t affected by glory at all).


I believe, to answer your question, using 2 dragons ( with riders each) would cut the glory in half for each rider. If you use 3, then each rider would get 33%.
Of course, the other options listed by others above would help the rider get the full glory amount.

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