Defensive rider or atlas one

Got a little dilemma here and could use some advice from atlas players.

I have a hunter rider around 30s, but had been thinking in switching my attention to a defensive one. Since the rider shards are not easy to get, do you think using the event defensive rider would be a good bet? Gear has been already crafted to go in

We won’t know until we actually get to see the stats on the rider. We have no clue what it’s gonna be like. As soon as we get numbers you betcha there’s gonna be a discussion


Why would this require u to switch? The seasonal one will come with the shards to level it.

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Could get both and use the ghetto one as a placeholder until you get more rider shards? :man_shrugging:


This :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That’s actually something I thought about too :joy:

But the stats will be different for sure.

I may have created this post too soon…

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In general - depending on base layout and perch levels, a defensive rider may not actually be that much use (aside from the construction time reduction). Defensive riders don’t buff the whole base, just 3 islands - depending on your layout, those three islands may be inconsequential without a major base overhaul. I have one, but it’s basically just collecting glory for the future, as it currently only buffs my farms/mills and one other tower. Just food for thought.

Just because PG releases a shiny now toy doesn’t mean it’s going to be useful - especially to the majority of players

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Adding several levels to max level towers for your player level isn’t necessarily useless IMO

If the season defense rider compares to the Atlas version the same way the others do, then the Atlas rider will be a little stronger at max level.

People are hoping this one will have a construction time reduction also, but I’m not so sure. Before perches were assigned an area of effect, only the strongest tower buff would be applied if you had more than rider on a perch. If there is a construction buff, I think it will be less than Atlas rider, and not stackable.

Would be nice to have some different tower boost options on the rider though… fire flak or ice flak maybe? Guess we’ll see…

Atlas gives +1 attach +4.5 HP generically, how much lower can they go? :grin::grin:


If one only has the seagazer perch built but has a rage drain at the first turn and has their kill at the front of the long middle with the farms/mills on the last turn - the rider on seagazer doesn’t buff the long middle, so it only affects the farms and mills.

I understand that, when one DOES have their riverwatch built, the buffs CAN be worthwhile. But as you said, you have legendary and epic gear, making the tradeoff of leaving the perch as a rage anchor more worthwhile. I’d venture to say that’s not the case for the vast majority. I’m not saying it won’t be usefull to SOME.


I’d bet a small fortune it won’t be stackable, since the Atlas version isn’t stackable either, and they have set the precedent that atlas rider gear will be more powerful than season rider gear.

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None of the effects that apply to the whole base stack.

But for people who do not have Atlas, even if the reduction on the seasonal rider (if it has that as a skill) is less than the 12% possible from the current Atlas rider, it’s still better than what they have now from a perched rider.


So guys, what do you think now that the stats are out? @SavageAFforPG @mechengg @Shimo @Shadelos

Anyone has numbers to compare between attack hp and construction time?

I am hoping the armor stats are incorrect.

The skills are certainly worth getting the first page.

If no one beats me to it, I’ll work up a comparison when I get off work.

The attack and defense stats are way freaking higher than the Atlas rider. By a lot.

The construction bonus is something I can live with for a benefit for the price as a great benefit to everyone else.

Tanok will be going on my riverwatch and PerchBitch will be going on my farm island. Skill tree will be aiming for all attack and defense buffs and wood storage capacity

Zero season gear will be obtained

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did they release stats on the season rider?

Yes they did

Option 1 is hp max option
Option 2 is attack max option.
It’s not possible to max both.

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Basically what Mech said. Could even pull out the Atlas rider just during fort event for its higher construction time decrease even if you only have one perch. I’m a little bummed about not being able to get full 13/13 boost but it’s still better than the tower specific boosts from Atlas rider. Gear is vastly inferior to what can be crafted in Atlas but I may finish the line depending on prizes since I’m not interested in any of this season’s dragons so far

For non Atlas players: get the rider
Gear may even be a good option if you have a suitable dragon since the dragons this season seem rather lackluster

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